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June 30, 2019

Bob Estes

Notre Dame, Indiana

Q. You are solo fourth at the Senior Open. Pretty proud of that, I'm sure, with the amount of separation you weren't able to make because of your elbow?
BOB ESTES: Yeah, it's almost better than what I could have hoped for based on the last three and a half months or so, and even though I played last week and didn't play that well, I played pretty good the first round and then some things got off, and so what I learned last week I was able to apply this week and stuck with it for the most part all week long. I made too many mistakes yesterday, but overall it was a really good week.

Q. The golf course, a little firmer, a little faster today?
BOB ESTES: Yeah, it definitely -- the greens were quite a bit firmer, and then the 4th hole with playing back into the wind and the pin back left was almost a par-5, and then the 5th hole, the very next hole, was about 252 or 253 yards to the hole, I believe, back into -- no, that one would have been a little bit downwind. But still, just a really long, hard par-3.

It was real easy to go bogey-bogey on those two holes, and that's what I did starting out. I didn't birdie either 1 or 2 with a sand wedge. So it would have been nice to at least get one birdie those first two holes. But anyway I was 2-over after five, so I was coming from behind all day.

Q. Overall your assessment of the week?
BOB ESTES: Oh, yeah, my elbow survived, and my game was pretty good and can get better. I was playing pretty good early in the year and then having three months off really obviously sets me back, but now I feel with what I learned last week and getting to play, which really helped me this week and going forward, yeah, I should have some good tournaments coming up.

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