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June 29, 2019

Jerry Kelly

Notre Dame, Indiana

Q. How was your day?
JERRY KELLY: My day wasn't very good, thanks.

Q. That's what I thought. I was try to ask it nicely. Was it more challenging out there today?
JERRY KELLY: Yeah, you didn't know if it was going to stop or if it was going to release. You know, I suppose just a lot of humps and bumps, so it was firming up, so if you land it it's going to stop, and if you land on the side of it, it's going to go.

I didn't put myself in position to attack pins early. I was out of position 1, 2, 3 -- 4 was tough, 6 -- finally 7, I staked it and it bounced forward and surprised me with a wedge. I put it right there.

You know, and then I was out of position again.

I did all right. I misread putts today, which I didn't the last couple days. So I felt like I still hit pretty good putts. The only putt I hit poorly was the one on the par-3, comebacker after I ran it past. Here I'm looking for a bogey-birdie situation after watching his, and I end up being the bogey and he ends up being the par.

You start looking at things like that, and that's what catches you. I did it twice out there. I got caught both times.

But that's my aggressive nature. That's what I tend to do. As the course firms up and plays a little tougher, then you can't do that. That's why I have such a stellar record in the majors.

Q. How do you approach tomorrow?
JERRY KELLY: Yeah, I'm going to have to be the aggressor. You know, he's hitting it long and straight. He's got a lot less in than me. He can pick apart a golf course. I'm going to have to play flawless. I mean, flawless. And I'm going to have to make a lot of putts.

You know, if I can get three birdies on him early, I can make him start pressing, and he might thought he'd never have to. But it's going to be tough catching up with that guy. He's just doing all the right things.

Q. You've seen him through the years. Just the way he can go --
JERRY KELLY: Absolutely. You give him a course that's moderate in distance, he's going to pick it apart. There's no question. As long as he's going that driver going straight, he's long, and he's so good with those short irons that -- he's good with all his irons, but his short irons are still world-class, not just Senior Tour, Champions Tour, it's world-class. Hats off; it was a different day, and he was up to the different challenges that it posed. But I'd like to drive my ball up there by his a couple times.

Q. Convince him to stay on that other TOUR.
JERRY KELLY: No, we love having him out. Are you kidding me? It just shows us how much more we need to really push. We shoot low scores out there all the time, and trust me, he's pushing us. There's no question about it. And that's a great thing. I want to have to make more just to catch up to him. That's totally fine. I'd love to pass him, too.

Q. We saw you earlier getting attended for your arm. Everything okay with it?
JERRY KELLY: Yeah, it'll be fine. It'll be fine.

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