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June 29, 2019

Kirk Triplett

Notre Dame, Indiana

Q. Talk about the course setup today.
KIRK TRIPLETT: Some good pins, a lot of good pins. You knew it was coming. You've got to get 156 guys around this course the first two days. You knew it was coming. The greens have dried out, and the wind is just different enough that we haven't seen it yet. Very confused out there a few times.

Q. How was the overall game?
KIRK TRIPLETT: My game or --

Q. Your game.
KIRK TRIPLETT: My game is mediocre. I kind of hit it in the spots you should hit it in, but I didn't have enough birdie chances. I still could have pulled a couple under out of it, but didn't do it.

Q. What did you see in terms of green speeds? Was there some difference in that for you?
KIRK TRIPLETT: No, I don't think so. They're a touch faster, but you can't get them real fast. You take a pin like 16, if you're any faster than it is right now, you can't keep the ball short of the hole, and if you're going to putt it eight or ten feet by every time from above, that's not really great. You know, I think the course played today like they would have liked it to play on Thursday and Friday.

Q. Do you think they'll be faster tomorrow?
KIRK TRIPLETT: Yeah, but it's super hot. You don't want to burn it up. I don't think that they're in any danger of that. I think they'll have a nice green golf course in a week or two. But the course is in good shape. The fairways are still relatively soft.

I think that may have been the most confusing thing to me is I was expecting more run-out, and I left myself some much longer shots in on some holes than I thought I might, 9, 10, 7. I was surprised that the fairways weren't running out more.

Q. Are you somewhat surprised at what Stricker is doing out there?
KIRK TRIPLETT: No. No. I told people early in the week, they said, what do you think, and I said, well, 12 -- I figured 12 would be a really good score. But I said, I wouldn't be surprised if somebody has a nice week and shoots much lower than that, and that's really what's happening.

He's obviously playing well. He was in a playoff last week. He's playing against 155 guys that he's beat before. It's sort of a drawer's golf course. I think there are a lot of things working in his favor. And he's good. He's really good. He's got a chance to dominate out here if he decides to play out here. We haven't had that in a while.

Q. How do you combat that?
KIRK TRIPLETT: This is a 10-year gig. I'm on year 7. I don't have to combat it. Well, actually they pay more than one guy, right? So if you can get it and get against him and get within a couple of him and make him think about it, you can wrestle him in the mud a little bit. But you've got to drag him down to your level because we ain't going up to his.

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