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June 29, 2019

Stephen Ames

Notre Dame, Indiana

STEPHEN AMES: I hit more fairways, hit more greens, and made some putts, which was nice. First two days was a bit of a battle. Today I hit the ball really nicely. Kept the ball in play and gave myself some opportunities, and I took advantage of the opportunities when they came around, which was nice.

Q. Did you leave some out there or could you have gone lower?
STEPHEN AMES: Yeah, I did leave a few out there. But at this stage it's nice to shoot what I have shot today, which is fortunate for me.

Q. Did you feel in the warmup that you had something going?
STEPHEN AMES: No, I wouldn't say I had something going. I was just kind of waiting for it to happen. I've been putting well all week, which is nice. That's something I've been working on, and it was just the ball striking that was holding me back starting the week, and as the week has progressed I got better and better, and it showed today, which was nice.

Q. Speaking of putting, are the greens a little bit faster or similar?
STEPHEN AMES: Similar. I wouldn't say they were really quick at all. They've got to be about 11 on the Stimpmeter, if that. They're poa annua, so they're bumpy as well. So it's a nice putting surface.

Q. So the ground that you gained today, do you think you can gain some more, or is Steve really trying to make it hard for you guys?
STEPHEN AMES: Yes, I'm going to go out and try to do the same game plan that I did today. Keep the ball in play. When it's out of position, get myself back into position where I'm able get it up-and-down and make par and not make any big numbers, which is the goal always, always when you're playing in a U.S. Open, not to make any big numbers.

And today was just the fact that I put the ball on the right side of the pin where I had easy putts for birdies, and I made a few opportunities, which is nice.

Q. Kind of a switch for you guys that you played the U.S. Open and then you played the Senior Open, you're looking at tall the red numbers; is that surprising?
STEPHEN AMES: Surprising. Always is. For us here, yes. I guess the weather had a little bit to do with that. An inch of rain on Wednesday night didn't help the golf course itself. It was progressively getting better as the week was going on. The inch of rain kind of dampened things a little bit. But at the same time, still a great event and everybody is enjoying playing this week.

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