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June 28, 2019

David Toms

Notre Dame, Indiana

Q. Here with David Toms, a heck of a round again today. You opened up yesterday with a 62, today 67. You've got to be happy with the way you're playing.
DAVID TOMS: Yeah, I'm happy with it. Obviously the goal today was not to let Stricker get too far away. I've played a lot with him lately. He's playing great. I saw what he was doing. So I knew that he could still score. When we teed off, there was some wind blowing. I was like, well, just got to keep going, got to keep making birdies and not get too far away.

Q. And you battled today. You opened up with two quick birdied but had to battle through the middle part of your round. You've got to be proud how you kept it together and then ultimately moved it forward.
DAVID TOMS: Yeah, that's the key in major championships is to, when you go through that stretch of holes where you don't quite have it, whether you're in between clubs, whether you just put a bad swing on it or you lose something mentally, you've just got to hang in there because it's a long week, a lot of tough holes. But there's some birdie holes on this course, as well. I just knew to hang in there, get through it and I'd be okay.

Q. Before this week, the 36-hole scoring record at the U.S. Senior Open was 11-under par. That's where you stand right now. If I were to tell you Wednesday night, hey, you're 11-under on Friday night and you're 3rd, three behind would you have believed it?
DAVID TOMS: Not at all. Not after practicing on the golf course and everything. I felt like you could shoot some good scores, I just didn't know you'd shoot a bunch of them. And there have been some what I would say really low rounds on a golf course like this.

If we don't get rain tonight and it bakes out a little bit, I think you'll see guys not be able to fire right at the pins and you'll see the scoring come back. Not necessarily come back, but maybe hard to get it too far under.

Q. So will you be basically watching the weather to establish your game plan moving forward for the weekend?
DAVID TOMS: Absolutely. And it will depend, whatever it does, that's how the golf course is going to play, and you'll know speed of the greens and everything else.

Look, I hope it bakes out a little bit because it will be more like USGA championship and it's more what we're accustomed to. It's making a lot of pars and take the birdies where they come.

Q. You're the defending champ. You're trying to back that up. And yet you haven't won since the Broadmoor last year in the U.S. Senior Open. How do you change that? How do you get back in that winner's circle?
DAVID TOMS: You've just got to put yourself there and hope things work out. You never know when somebody is going to play a hot round and pass you or you give a little bit back. Every week it's tough to win out on this Tour. Everyone's champions out here. They know how to win. So you really have to go out there and get it.

Q. Most importantly, how are the Tigers looking this fall?
DAVID TOMS: I hope good. I'll be pulling for them. That's the problem with a PGA TOUR Champions, we play a lot in the fall. It messes really messes up my football schedule sometimes.

Q. I heard you guys have an off week when they travel to Austin? Maybe you can get out there.
DAVID TOMS: Yes. I'm looking forward to that. Don't have to give up a tournament to go have some fun.

Q. That's fantastic. Great round. Thanks for joining us.

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