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June 28, 2019

Tom Watson

Notre Dame, Indiana

Q. Can you talk about that stretch coming in where you kind of turned it on a bit there?
TOM WATSON: Well, it was kind of up and down, the day. I was playing pretty well and I hit a great shot at No. 5, the par-3. I hit a hybrid in about three feet from the hole for birdie, and I hit a bad shot at 8 and made bogey there, and kind of scruffed it around with the driver. I hit the ball in the rough a couple times and made a good putt at the 13th hole to kind of get back to even for the day.

But I was struggling a little bit there, but then I turned it on at 14, 15 -- or 15, 16, 17. Hit a good drive at 15 and knocked it in there close, made a good putt, and almost made 1 at the 16th hole. I hit a great shot. It was the best shot of the day right there. I hit an 8-iron.

And 17, got it up out of that dastardly front bunker that Mr. Crenshaw put in.

No, the day actually started a little bit sketchy. When I warmed up, I warmed up okay, and then I take the putter out of the bag and I look down at the putter and it's bent. It is bent. Somebody bent it, just went like this with it.

So my caddie, who's the assistant pro here, Greg, I said, Greg, I need a vise, and he said, Follow me. So we went down around underneath down here and put the thing in a vise and I bent it back a little bit too much, then I bent it -- it still doesn't have quite as much loft as it used to have, but it's enough. I have no idea who bent it or for what reason somebody bent that thing, but it was bent.

Q. And will you fiddle with it a little bit more now to maybe try and get it back to that loft or are you just thinking I'm going to leave it alone?
TOM WATSON: Well, again, I'm just going to play with it and see what it is. But you know, we pros have -- I remember, when the club face is -- when the club is too upright you take it on the concrete and you just go, pow, and you bang it on the heel like that, and it goes, boink, like that. If it's a little bit too flat you bang it on the toe and it goes like that. That's essentially what I did. I just went in there and just bent it.

What's disturbing is why would somebody do that.

Q. Well, right. What could have possibly happened? It couldn't be an accident, could it? Maybe? I don't know. Your theory is probably not.
TOM WATSON: I don't think so.

Q. But you obviously recalibrated it?
TOM WATSON: Yeah, I got it to where it was halfway decent.

Q. And your swing seems to be working okay?
TOM WATSON: Yeah, I hit a number of good shots today. I hit a real good shot at 5, hit a great shot at 16. My short iron game is a little sketchy, but I hit some -- I hit some decent shots, enough decent shots today to kind of stay within striking distance of being here on the weekend, which that's -- I wanted to be here on the weekend again. At my age, 69, you never know how many more USGA championships you're going to play in.

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