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June 28, 2019

Steve Stricker

Notre Dame, Indiana

Q. Can you play much better?
STEVE STRICKER: You know, it was solid. Both days were really solid. Drove the ball well, hit a lot of good iron shots, and starting to make some putts, which is fun to see.

So yeah, it was a good two days, solid two days.

Q. A lot of motivation this week? I know you had a chance to win your event, didn't happen. I'm sure you'd still love to win a major and a USGA event.
STEVE STRICKER: For sure, yeah. A lot of motivation that I didn't get it done last week. It stings a little bit. I've talked about that earlier this week, so I'm determined to play well, and luckily I have.

I feel good going around this course. It fits my eye well. Small targets on the greens, so if you get it on the green sometimes, you have a makeable birdie putt. It's a treat to go around here and play, and I like what I've been doing so far.

Q. Have you played a lot of the Ben and Bill designs, and does their style normally fit your eye pretty well?
STEVE STRICKER: No, I've enjoyed some of their courses over the years, yeah, for sure. This one especially, it's got a very old feel to it, old-time look and feel, and even though I think it's not even 20 years old, I guess.

I love the layout. It's in great shape, and it's a good one.

Q. Were there any really good saves besides your birdies today?
STEVE STRICKER: Yeah, I made a good save at 14. I drove it way to the right in the heather, in the long stuff, hacked it out, went over on the left side of the rough, and I had 103 or 104 to the hole out of the rough and hit a sand wedge in there to about four feet, made that. So that felt like I kind of stole one there. That was a good one to get.

Q. Any plans for anything this afternoon, or are you just going to rest now?
STEVE STRICKER: Yeah, practice maybe a little bit, rest up, get ready. It'll be a long weekend. I'm sure it'll be a late tee time.

But yeah, my family is here, so we'll just hang out and probably watch golf.

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