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June 27, 2019

Fran Quinn

Notre Dame, Indiana

Q. A 2-under par first round of the Senior Open, must be pretty pleased with that.
FRAN QUINN: It was solid day. Tee-to-green I played awfully well. I had a couple -- I actually made a really good save on the first hole, had about 20 feet and I left it about six feet short and made it. After that, I had a nice little run there were a got to 3-under and made a sloppy bogey on 18.

And then after that, I played -- I mean, I hit such a good shot on the 250-yard par-3 there with a 2-iron, and I hung it on the right side, and it could have gone either way. If it kicks a little left, it rolls down to five or six feet, and mine kicked just a little right, got in the bunker and ended up with a lousy lie. And made bogey.

Other than that, I hit one tight on 7 and made birdie and just overall very solid play.

Q. How much longer do you think the course played because it got wet last night?
FRAN QUINN: It played a little bit longer. But it's been kind of damp all week. But I think now, let's cross our fingers, it looks like the weather is going to cooperate here the next four or five days, or three days. That's all we need. And if we can stay away from thunderstorms, I think we'll be fine.

Q. How do you react to 8-under by David Toms?
FRAN QUINN: Fantastic, fantastic score. I thought 5-under would be a really good round out there today. But 8-under, that's just one of those days where he obviously made a bunch of putts and hit a lot of really good shots. But he's a world-class player.

Q. Is it going to come down to for him, putting on these greens? Is that going to be the difference?
FRAN QUINN: I think so. It's a second-shot golf course and putting. So you've got to put the ball on the right spots on the greens. If you get on the wrong side of some of these pins, it can make you look silly.

It's kind of a fine line on some of the pins. If you hit the proper shot that it requires and it's fair, then you're going to have a good look at birdie.

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