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June 22, 2019

Roberto Diaz

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. Roberto, 3-under, 67. Three rounds in the 60s. What's been working well for you this week?
ROBERTO DIAZ: I been hitting the driver awesome. I switched to the Callaway driver this year and it's been really good off weeks and on weeks. So I'm pretty happy the way I'm hitting it.

The putting has been really good also. I been just keeping myself in play every hole. I been trying to be patient. The course obviously on the first two days with all the rain and everything was very difficult.

We stayed patient. We stayed pretty steady. I took advantage of the holes that I hit it close.

Q. Looks like when you missed the green you had a pretty good day scrambling.
ROBERTO DIAZ: Yeah, I did. I don't think -- I missed a lot of putts, a lot putts for birdie early on. I think I missed three short birdie putts, but then every time I had a par putt I made it.

So luckily I been hitting it to spots that have pretty simple up and downs. Like had an up and down on 10 that was pretty simple chip up the hill. Then on 18 I was just off the green so I was able to putt it.

So it's been good. I been leaving myself in good spots. I'm very happy where I am at.

Q. When you make three birdies in a row, 13, 14 15, how do you approach the last three holes, particularly in a windy, difficult take?
ROBERTO DIAZ: Well, I was telling my caddie we can't get cute with any shots. He was talking to hitting a 9-iron into No. 16, which it was like 151 to the front. I told him, I said, I would much rather make sure that I cover the water and play from half the green on.

So he's been doing a really good job also with keeping me into the rhythm of the things, keeping the good numbers going. If we're in between clubs we try to play the safe shot into the greens.

It's been pretty good. I don't think I've made a lot of bogeys this week. I mean, considering the conditions, I think that I been keeping myself in play quite a bit.

Q. Is this a caddie you've had for a while?
ROBERTO DIAZ: Yeah, he was my college roommate and we played together on the national team. He's been with me for a year. He's been great.

Q. Nice to put yourself in contention for tomorrow. You've got one top 10 in your career. How aggressive will you be tomorrow?
ROBERTO DIAZ: It's tough to say. I mean, obviously the way I been playing I think that I can remain pretty patient and just wait for the opportunities to come on.

I mean, I've never won on the Web.com (Korn Ferry) or here so I'm not really putting myself into a lot of pressure into winning. Obviously if the win comes I take it as it is. A win is a win.

But I think I'm going to take it shot by shot tomorrow and stay pretty patient, give myself opportunities, and if I have a chance on the last three holes, I'm sure I'm going to be changing the strategies.

Q. Looked like at the start of the season you had a few missed cuts. From about January you've settled in and been really consistent. What's been the change for you there?
ROBERTO DIAZ: I switch equipment. Equipment has been awesome. Started working with a trainer in San Antonio. He's been a great addition. I feel my body is more consistent, healthier week in, week out.

Also we had a meeting at the beginning of the year with my team. Jason Birnbaum has been great. Ramon (indiscernible) has been awesome with the putter and J.P. was a great addition to the bag.

I think as I worked on things have been great of the course, I'm pretty -- I'm in a pretty good place. New agent, new everything, so I'm pretty happy.

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