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May 26, 2005

Peter Hedblom


Q. Talk about the round. The 68, is a good, solid start.

PETER HEDBLOM: Yeah, I mean, the front nine, I didn't play that bad. I just didn't get anything going really. But then birdied 8 and then birdied 11. I had a lot of good chances all the way in, but it felt really good.

I was just going to get a good start in this tournament.

Q. It's important not to put yourself out of contention on day one, isn't it?

PETER HEDBLOM: Exactly, this is where you want to be in from the beginning, and this is a tournament I love to play.

Q. How many years have you played?

PETER HEDBLOM: I don't know how many. But this is a tournament I love. If you don't qualify for the Open, this is the one you want to win.

Q. Do you feel just from looking around you that there's a definite sense of a really, really big tournament this year, with the change in sponsor?

PETER HEDBLOM: Yeah, I think it's always like this. It's already a big tournament, but obviously with BMW coming in now, it's maybe bigger now. The whole service around the tournament is really good.

Q. What was the key to your low scoring today then?

PETER HEDBLOM: My game has been pretty solid the whole year and I've been struggling on the greens. At least today I holed some putts coming in.

16, that was the longest putt I holed, it was probably an eight yard putt. 17, I chipped to make birdie on that one. 8, I just holed it from about seven feet and I birdied the fourth from the same distance. I bogeyed the third hole. I hit a bad second shot right of the green and chipped it and 2 putted that one.

Q. How about your season so far, how would you assess it?

PETER HEDBLOM: Wish it would have been better than it has been, but the thing is, I played a lot more solid than at the beginning of the year. I couldn't score. I just couldn't get four good rounds together and was between 10 and 32nd, had some finishes there, but not the ones I wanted.

Obviously, this is the time to start playing well now, so hopefully I can play good this week all the way out to September.

End of FastScripts.

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