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June 22, 2019

Keegan Bradley

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. You leaned on that putter for some big ones today.
KEEGAN BRADLEY: I did. That was fun. It was a grind coming in. Sometimes that makes it even better.

Q. How big are some of those? We saw the emotion out of you. The par saver at 15 and then 18 too. Such a hard hole. Make sure you don't make anything worse than a five there was huge.
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah. Those are the putts that keep the momentum going, whether they're for par, bogey, whatever. That was a big putt.

Q. Chez is out there pretty far. We've seen come-from-behinds on the weekend. What will it take tomorrow?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, I mean, it's going to take a low one and some help from him. He's a great player, so going to have to shoot something pretty low.

Q. Any party planning this week? I know you like to entertain.
KEEGAN BRADLEY: No. Tonight is going to be go to bed. I'm exhausted after that finish, yeah.

Q. Putter was your best friends today. Just get some comments on that and the round in general.
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, it was real easy early on, and then I started to miss a few greens. I learned on the putter and made a bunch of really good par saves and one bogey save.

That's a good sign going into tomorrow for sure.

Q. Just curious, does the fact there were some crazy wild swings today -- Zack went from from five ahead head to four behind -- give you even for hope tomorrow that you can make up a deficit?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, you can make up a lot of ground here, but there are also doubles around every corner on the back. I wasn't paying too much attention to the board today only because it was Saturday. A lot can happen on this course for sure.

Q. So you couldn't feel the swings that were out there? Blocking it out?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: I saw that he was at 15-under at some point, and then I caught a peek at the board and I saw the leader was at 12 and I was at 11. That was kind of surprising. Anything can happen out here.

That's exciting.

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