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June 21, 2019

Keegan Bradley

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. After 65 yesterday, how pleasing is 66 today?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: It was great. You know, I felt comfortable all day. Sometimes it's tough to back those rounds up, and I did that today.

Q. The golf course is soft from the rain we had earlier in the week; gettable yesterday. How scorable was it today? Was it different in terms of just how much you could be aggressive with it?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, it was. What made it difficult was when it was raining. When it would stop the course is very receptive; greens are perfect. There are definitely birdies out there.

Q. Rare bird on 15 with an eagle there. We've not seen many of them. Talk me through that.
KEEGAN BRADLEY: It was raining and I hit driver. It was 258 front and I hit it as hard as I could and it went about 250.

Then I had a chip up over the hill and I read it perfectly; went right in the middle. It was fun.

Q. In terms of all-round game, how did you feel things are coming together this week?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: It's good. I mean, I've had a good year other than I got to put four rounds together. I haven't done that yet, and hopefully this will be the week.

Q. Quite the platform build off for the week. I guess you're pretty pleased with that spot.
KEEGAN BRADLEY: I really am. It's going to be a fun weekend.

Q. What a great start through two days. Probably got the roughest draw from a weather standpoint. Umbrella up, umbrella down. You went through the distractions really nicely.
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, it was tough out there. Seems like whenever it would start to rain is when I would make the most birdies, so I was happy with today.

Q. The kick start obviously over there at 15, we've be talking about how such a good little hole like that can have such peril. Pretty hard chip from the front of that green and you got it all the way in.
KEEGAN BRADLEY: It is, it's a tricky little hole and you got to hit two or three really good shots to score on that hole. You play the hole 1-under for the week you're probably doing well.

So far an eagle today; it's going to go a long way.

Q. You and i have talked a little bit especially last year with your success about the adjustments to your game, finding fairways and taking the accuracy to another level. On a golf course like this, how has your game evolved to play this place a little bit better?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Well, you got to make putts out here because the scores are normally so low. Through the first two days I've done exactly that. I've hit the majority of the fairways and a lot of the greens. Boring golf can sometimes pay off.

Q. You're repping the Northeast. How good has it been out there? A lot of fan cheers, I'm sure, for you.
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, it's awesome. I love playing here in Hartford, New England. Without Boston this year this is our only shot at New England, so I'm loving every second of it.

Q. Just talk about the eagle.
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, I mean, when I went through there it was raining and I had 258 front and I hit driver as hard as I could and I couldn't get there. It probably went about 250 yards.

Then I was talking to my caddie about how was it wet and it was going to skid. We landed it a little short of where we normally would and it went right in the hole, so it was really fun.

Q. The eagle on 15, just talk about that a little bit.
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Well, that was exactly -- yeah, yeah.

Q. Couple solid days back to back now. Confidence heading into the weekend?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah. I mean, I've been playing well this whole year. Just haven't really put four rounds together. What a better place to do it here in New England.

Q. You talked a lot last year when you won in the Philadelphia area what that meant to you. Nine months later or however many months later can you reflect on what that has meant to you this year going forward confidence-wise, emotionally, and everything? There were so many changes.
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, I mean, I definitely feel more comfortable than I would've since I've won. I feel very comfortable here in Hartford. I got experience on my side and just got to go out there and execute.

Q. You're big New England sports fan. Are you the type of guy that's watching the draft last night to unwind and see what the Celtics are doing?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, I am. I love all the sports around here. That's basically what I do for fun. I love it so much. I was interested to see what was going on. I was in bed. I had to go to bed so early. Had an early tee time.

But that's my biggest hobby for sure.

Q. Had you heard about the kid Tremont Waters, the kid from New Haven, that they picked?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: I haven't, but I was psyched to hear he was a New Englander. That's going to be great.

Q. Do you think it's an advantage to play early?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Not today. Not in the rain. Looks like it's going to clear up for these guys. We definitely had the tougher draw. It was weird. When it started to rain was when I played my best, so who knows.

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