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June 21, 2019

Tim Tadlock

Cameron Warren

Josh Jung

Omaha, Nebraska

Michigan - 15, Texas Tech - 3

THE MODERATOR: We're joined by Texas Tech coach Tim Tadlock and student-athletes Josh Jung and Cameron Warren. Coach, an opening comment.

COACH TADLOCK: Michigan, Coach Bakich and his staff, really, we could go down -- I think every guy that we saw that was in their starting lineup, and obviously Kauffman and Criswell, and watching Henry throw the other night, pretty much a blueprint for how you get to the championship series.

We played them a while back, and that's not the same team we played. And their staff is to be commended for that. Their starting pitching is phenomenal. To a man, in their lineup, every guy in their lineup has gotten better since we've seen them.

And obviously we didn't see what was coming today. Disappointed in the result. At the same time I'd just like to say it's not going to focus on -- as far as the negatives, as far as what happened within the game, we wouldn't be sitting here without the guys we ran out there, these two guys to my left, and all those guys that threw out of the bullpen.

And our guys got a lot to be proud of. At the same time, they're definitely disappointed in the outcome of the game and want to get back to this position and get to next week.

THE MODERATOR: Questions for the student-athletes.

Q. Josh, what have you seen different from Michigan these two times you guys faced them versus what you saw in Lubbock earlier this year?
JOSH JUNG: Every out was tough. They made us play for all 27. I think back in Lubbock they gave us some runs and it seemed like the tables were turned; this time, we gave them a few runs.

Q. Cam, when you guys look at this run this program, this team has been on for a few years, reflect on what you guys have accomplished. It was pretty historic, not only that program but the school in general?
CAMERON WARREN: The first time I came to Omaha was 2014. We've been four times in the last six years. What Tadlock has done with the program is amazing. And we're going to keep coming back and eventually they're going to win it.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you. Questions for Coach.

Q. Tim, you said that lineup is much better than the one you saw earlier this year from Michigan. Are there any guys in particular that kind of stand out to you as much improved over what you saw earlier this year?
COACH TADLOCK: When we played them Nwogu was dinged up a little bit. He's definitely a different animal when he's healthy. But there's not a guy through there.

Blomgren is playing with a hurt finger, putting together really good at-bats. Thomas is putting together a lot better at-bats. Jimmy Kerr, obviously, we leave the ball out over the middle of the plate, you saw what he did with it.

Really, Franklin -- I would name every guy through there. If you just had to say -- they're playing great defense, they're pitching great and they're putting together good at-bats. And that's a really tough formula.

Tommy Henry the other night, that was as good a game as you're going to see pitched, especially from the third on. I think they had a shot at him a little bit before that.

And really just impressed. I think to get to next week you either got to be a lot better than everybody to begin with, or you gotta continue to get better. And my experience with this is if you have a team that wins the last day, most of the time those guys want to keep working. They'll wake up the day after you win, say, let's go hit, get ground balls. And you can see their team's continued to work at it for sure.

Q. Tim, at what point today did you kind of feel like it was going to be tough to keep everything together? They jumped on you early but you got it back. And just feel like it started to pile up.
COACH TADLOCK: Really when Dobbins was in. We felt like we were -- and Kerr drops a bunt down. That's on me a little bit as far as that goes. That inning got away, it's a five-run inning, I think it's 7-3.

Baseball is a game about picking each other up. We had some opportunities to do that within that inning. Didn't really work out that way. We've got an offense that can score. It's not as easy to score here as maybe as it is other places.

But really didn't -- at 7-3 you like your chances right there. And I mean we've watched a lot of film and hadn't seen Kerr bunt. And you're like, okay, let's move on over. And he drops the bunt down a little bit like Matt Carpenter did the other night, and you're like, the guy's a baseball player; he's a team guy. And he just got on base and kind of created a big inning.


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