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June 20, 2019

Nicolas Claxton

Brooklyn, New York

Q. If you could just start off talking about your style of play and what you bring to the new team?
NICOLAS CLAXTON: My style of play, I bring a lot of energy. I'm definitely an energy guy, high-energy guy. Being able to switch, being able to guard multiple positions, doing a great job of that. I'm going to continue to work on stretching my game that way. Being consistent with my jump shot. Continuing to add some muscle. I'm going to be a force in the NBA.

Q. You are coming into the league now and you're going to be matched up with grown men, physical centers. Just talk about what you're going to be doing in terms of putting on weight and kind of filling out your frame to be able to bang down low.
NICOLAS CLAXTON: Yeah, that's something that I know that's going to be really critical for me, just making sure that I continue to put on some good weight, good strength. But I'll just work extremely hard in the weight room, like I've been doing these past few years, and the rest will take care of itself, really.

Q. I can't help but ask because you've just been drafted in the building where your team is going to play. Do you have any past experience with Brooklyn or New York City, and what impression has it made on you so far?
NICOLAS CLAXTON: Yeah, it's been great. I was here two or three weeks ago. I came here for a visit. I worked out for the team, and I really enjoyed it. I knew it was a pretty good possibility that I would be picked here.

To be picked here, it's a blessing. I'm ready to get to work here in Brooklyn. I couldn't have scripted anything any better. I feel like God, he already has everything all planned out for me, and I'm just following in his footsteps.

Q. When did you start playing basketball, and when did you realize that your dream to be in the NBA was coming to fruition?
NICOLAS CLAXTON: I first started playing basketball when I was around the age of 2. My dad, he would buy a whole bunch of basketballs and just have them laying around the house, kind of a setup to get me to play basketball low key. I realized that I had a good chance to go to the NBA -- it was just this past year, honestly. I had a breakout game when we played against Georgia Tech. That's when I really realized, I can really do this.

Q. Jarrett Allen made a similar transition into the league being a big man and putting on the weight. How much will you lean on Allen to make that transition, and how excited are you to kind of form a twin towers with him?
NICOLAS CLAXTON: Oh, man. I look forward to that. Jarrett Allen, I am familiar with his game. I know he's a great, great shot blocker. Me and him on the same court, especially once I put some weight on, that's really going to be pressure for anybody that we're playing against. I really will rely on him and try to build a pretty good relationship with him, so he can help me out in any way possible.

Q. Offensively a lot of scouts have called you the most versatile offensive player or center in this draft. They say you can handle, you can shoot. Can you talk a little bit about what you think you can bring offensively to the Nets at the NBA level.
NICOLAS CLAXTON: Yeah, my game starts off with defense, but offensively I have a great handle for my size. I'm going to continue to work on my jump shot. I can hit an open jump shot. I have a lot of confidence in myself. I feel like I'll definitely be able to do a lot, being able to post up, being able to take bigger guys outside and working them that way. My offensive game, that's something I'm really going to develop and continue to work on.

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