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June 20, 2019

Lexi Thompson

Kildeer, Illinois

Q. Overall, how do you feel coming off the course?
LEXI THOMPSON: I feel good. I played really well, hit it well off the tee. Hit some good iron shots, just was all over the hole with my putts.

I felt like I stroked it very well out there and just didn't really make much. But lot of positives to take from day, especially when it got a little windier out there.

Q. When did the wind pick up for your group?
LEXI THOMPSON: Mid first 9. Blowing the whole day, even in the morning. It wasn't the earliest morning times for me. It was still pretty windy the whole day. It's a tough golf course and played long.

It's challenging today.

Q. Speaking of long, the par-5s seem like they're really tipped out pretty good. Did you even think about reaching any of them, No. 7, I guess?
LEXI THOMPSON: I didn't hit the fairway on 7. I tried to take it off the corner. I didn't. I went for No. 15, I believe. I had 236 to the front and I hit 3-wood and it bounced in the front of the green and went to the back fringe.

Yeah, they're tipped out. They're really not reachable, if only that hole and No. 7 if it's downwind you can reach it.

Q. Just out of curiosity, what about 11? What was your club selection?
LEXI THOMPSON: I hit driver, 4-iron layup and then I have -- I still had 105 to the pin.

Q. When you put the new claw grip on and you got comfortable with it, how much did that add to your overall confidence?
LEXI THOMPSON: It's helped out tremendously, just getting more comfortable over the putts and really I just -- I focus on my dot on my ball, that's my last focus and the claw I feel very comfortable with and practice my speed with it and just getting more and more comfortable with it.

I think that's what putting is all about and then, you know, you're over it. Last focus is on speed.

Q. Does that bleed into other parts of your game?
LEXI THOMPSON: It definitely helps so you don't have so much pressure on the putter because you have more confidence on the greens that you can make those putts and feel more comfortable over them.

Definitely takes a lot more stress off not only the putter but other parts of your game. You don't feel like you have to hit it super close with your irons because you can drain a 25-footer if you need to.

Q. What was your reaction to Ariya pulling a driver out of the bag?
LEXI THOMPSON: She might have done it two, three times. She did it on No. 11, our second hole. I didn't even realize it until she actually hit. Well, that was a driver. That's a first. She's so long off the tee. She doesn't even need driver.

So, yeah, we're all shocked when she does pull it out. She hits 2-iron and 3-wood probably about as far as my driver.

Q. Is that the first time you saw her hit driver?
LEXI THOMPSON: I believe I've seen her hit it once before. Not too many times, that's for sure. So, yeah, it's impressive to watch her overall game and the strength that she has.

Q. Where does this course rank in terms of its length to Major venues?
LEXI THOMPSON: I would say this one is probably the longest we played Major-wise wise because usually they have the yardages they're going to play in the practice rounds but we think they'll move it up. They kept it pretty long. They didn't move anything especially the one long par 3.

Q. (Inaudible.)
LEXT THOMPSON: I hit a 4-iron. It's a tough hole let alone to be 190 front. It's a great golf course to have the length but that's how Major championships should be.

Q. Did you hit the forward tee on 16 during practice rounds? Hybrid?
LEXI THOMPSON: First time 3-wood and it landed on the green and bounced just over and then I really think the play is just hit it short there and have the pitch up.

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