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June 19, 2019

Tim Tadlock

Brian Klein

Taylor Floyd

Brian Neuse

Omaha, Nebraska

Texas Tech - 4, Florida State - 1

TIM TADLOCK: Just really proud of Bryce Bonnin, Taylor Floyd. Those guys threw the ball awful well, kind of gave us an opportunity to hang around and score some runs and play good baseball. Those guys really went out, threw the ball really good. In the back of your mind obviously you're thinking about 11 a little bit, and all the respect in the world for him. Love him, and just appreciate everything he's done for college baseball.

Q. Brian or Dylan, did you guys feel like with Gabe back in the lineup you were a little bit back to yourselves again to an extent?
BRIAN KLEIN: Yeah, we love having Gabe in there, but I think whoever Tad rolls out there, whoever we have, I think Tanner and Max stepped in and did an awesome job the last couple days when Gabe has been hurt. And Gabe was just feeling good today, and he played well, put the bat on the ball, so nice having him back. But whoever we put in that lineup, I have full confidence that they can play the game.

DYLAN NEUSE: Couldn't say it better.

Q. Brian, can you talk about your power surge out here in Omaha, and talk about your at-bat there in the sixth.
BRIAN KLEIN: Yeah, I have no idea where the home runs started to come from, but today it happened that it gave us a really big run, and I'm super thankful for it. All the glory, honor, praise is to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I think it shows how He works in me. I haven't hit a home run all year; no one expects that out of him. But to be able put a barrel on the ball and get it out is an awesome feeling, and to help these guys win behind Bryce and Floyd throwing and Dylan making an amazing play, and having good at-bats all night, it's just awesome.

Q. Taylor, just kind of talk about your outing, how you felt with your stuff. You kind of got extended a little bit there and the stuff was still pretty sharp.
TAYLOR FLOYD: Yeah, I felt good. Everything felt good tonight. I think I was walking some people in some situations, not making pitches earlier in the inning, but just staying with it and being able to bear down with runners on base, I think that was most important. And just giving all our guys a chance to get back in the dugout and score some runs, that's all I was trying to do.

Q. Dylan, I want to ask about the catch in the eighth inning. What did you see and how did that work out?
DYLAN NEUSE: Well, every pitch I'm ready to catch the balls in the gaps. Coach taught us to routine, routine, so I'm not real worried about those. I'm trying to make a play for my pitcher. They pitched their butt off all game, three hits, so I was trying to make a game-saving, I guess you could say, catch.

But my first jump was good. I knew Gabe couldn't really dive because he wanted to be safe, so I was making sure if he could get there standing up, that I was going to back off, but I thought he was too far, so I just sent it, and it all worked out.

Q. Tim, what did you see from Bryce tonight? I know we consider him more of a power guy but he showed pretty good stuff all around tonight.
TIM TADLOCK: Yeah, he was in and out, probably really tough to hit, probably really tough to dig in, and he'd miss a little bit, and then he'd throw one in there on the outer third or the inner third. I don't think he missed a whole lot in the middle of the plate. Slider was good. I thought Matt did a really good job with him, getting him in the zone when we needed to, and he's had great mound presence since the day he stepped on campus. His first -- everybody wants to talk about his first outing. The results weren't great, but the mound presence has been great since day one.

He's a competitor. He's a baseball player, former shortstop, and he wants the ball.

Q. You made the comment the other night you thought these guys were going to be fun with their backs against the wall. They've obviously embraced that role. What did you see out of this team all year that made you feel like they were doing to do this well in this situation?
TIM TADLOCK: Probably the biggest thing, this group, they really like to play. They really like these off-days. They like preparing. And really nothing has really changed for us. We go out in intrasquad in September, October, November, as you guys try to play the game the right way. They're not going to let some type of circumstance, the results dictate their effort and their preparation. They've been really good about respecting the game and trying to play the game the right way. Not saying we always get great results, but as long as the preparation is right, we're happy with them.

Q. Tim, as you look back at kind of Mike Martin's career, what goes through your head when you think about his career, and what goes through your head, the thought of making 40 straight regionals?
TIM TADLOCK: Holy cow. 40 straight regionals. I mean, it's unfathomable. It really is. I guess I was 10 years old when he started. You think of all those good teams he's had. You think of Buster Posey, J.D. Drew, obviously you think of the day Marshall McDougall hit five home runs. You think of all those times coming to Omaha. You think what he's done for the state of college baseball. It's not all about Florida State; he wanted to leave the game better than when he found it. He's definitely done that. He's definitely paved the way for all these guys that are -- all of us guys that are going out, getting to coach college baseball.

You just think about all the battles, think about how good Miami was back in the Fraser years. You think about how good LSU was in the Bertman years, you think about how good Mississippi State was when Ron Polk was there, and just literally in that region -- for him to get here, I would think he would have had to run into some of those guys. Just remarkable what he's done. Just remarkable what he's done for college baseball.

And I think a lot of guys said this the other day, he's a great baseball coach, but he's a better man. I've never heard anybody say a bad word about Mike Martin, Sr. What you see is what you get. He's just a guy's guy.

Q. What are your pitching plans for the next one?
TIM TADLOCK: We'll start Micah Dallas.

Q. Not to milk the whole Mike Martin thing too much, but what did he say to you after the game when you shook hands and what did he say to you before the game in the huddle that had everybody laughing?
TIM TADLOCK: He really enjoys the game. He mentioned our reliever. He goes, "That's a good little reliever you've got there." We just thanked him for everything he's done for college baseball, and that was about it, really.

He's just -- it's really cool when you can sit in an opposing dugout and compete against somebody. He's got a lot of respect for guys that go out and compete at a high level. You can see that. And he appreciates that when guys go out and -- it's almost -- you might see the golfer in him a little bit. He's planning on the guy making a par and he's got to make a birdie possibly, or you're planning on the guy making the putt. You can tell that he really can appreciate good performance because he's seen so many, and he respects that.

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