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June 18, 2019

Stacy Lewis

Chaska, Minnesota

THE MODERATOR: We're back with Stacy Lewis, 12 time LPGA Tour Champion, including the 2011 ANA Inspiration and 2013 AIG Women's British Open.

She is completing in her 11th Women's PGA Championship. Tied for 2nd in 2012, tied for 28th last year and has never missed the cut. Pretty good record here.

Let me start out by saying it's good to have you back on Tour. You're about 11 events now that you turned returned from maternity leave.

How has that transition been going for you as you come back out?

STACY LEWIS: It's been a lot harder than I thought. I guess Diamond Resorts was a little bit of a shock to play so well there. Getting used to traveling and getting my body back in shape has taken a lot longer than I thought, but I feel like the game is moving in the right direction and we're figuring things out on the road, how to travel, how to get through everyday, how to get through every night and, I don't know, we're getting there.

THE MODERATOR: It's a totally different shift, taking care of you and the golf bag to you and Chesnee, and everything else that goes along with it.

STACY LEWIS: My golf is not the No. 1 priority anymore. That is a hundred percent okay. She is my No. 1 and what -- it's about her eating and sleeping and doing everything in the right time and golf and me and my husband, we're second now and that's okay.

THE MODERATOR: A big part of making this possible for you is the support of KPMG.

STACY LEWIS: They did a really big thing for me last year, they continue to do it this championship and what they're doing with it every year. They keep asking me what they can do better. I'm running out of answers.

THE MODERATOR: So earlier today if you haven't had a chance everyone to check out ESPN.com, Stacy's letter to Chesnee just published this morning and know about your life and what you want Chesnee to know as she grows up.

What do you hope are some of the biggest take aways as she gets older and learns how to read it?

STACY LEWIS: Something cool for her to have when she's older and know a little bit more about what I went through and what I was doing right after I had her, just kind of the experience of it.

Ultimately I would like it so, you know, she never has to answer those questions or write a letter about that; that we never have to talk about why men and women are paid differently. That's ultimately what I hope for her in the long run.

THE MODERATOR: So take it out here to the golf course. I know you were out bright and early this morning out with Lynne Doughtie and Dr. Rice.

How does it look out there? To me it looks gorgeous.

STACY LEWIS: It's gorgeous. A big property, long walk, lot of golf course but I love it. It really is a ball-striker's course. More of a second shot.

You have to hit good drives, really being in the right spots so you can hit the greens. But I love it. I don't know. Just feels comfortable to me.

THE MODERATOR: It's not one that's on our rotation. How familiar were you with Hazeltine?

STACY LEWIS: This is my -- I played a round and a half basically here. I'm learning like everybody else. Obviously you remember putts and watched the Ryder Cup but it looks so different on TV than it does in-person.

We're doing the best we can with learning it and it's -- why my caddy Travis, is really great with helping me with new golf courses, too.

THE MODERATOR: Open it for questions.

Q. I've asked you this before, but just the venues, how much does it enhance the experience that this has a Major Championship history for men also, and then the second part of that is watching Peeble Beach, was that experience a little different knowing that you'll be going there?
STACY LEWIS: Well, I think you know the name is obviously a big deal. I think more from a fan perspective and the attention of it that the guys have played here and people are familiar with this golf course and this venue, but it's a property you drive here and it feels big, from the clubhouse to the range to the practice areas, I mean it feels like a Major Championship and that's -- that is ultimately what we wanted to do with this championship.

Watching Peeble was cool. Seems so far away. I hope I'm still playing at that point. But I would love to play at Peeble and hopefully the rough isn't as long as what those guys had.

Q. Just in addition to the venue, what do players talk about in terms of this championship and how it's different now than pre-KPMG LPGA.
What are some of the things that maybe fans wouldn't know?

STACY LEWIS: There's a whole list. Courtesy cars for all the players, and they're Cadillac this year, which is pretty sweet. You go from in the locker room to the big locker room there's -- you know, there's just stuff there for drinks, food, all that kind of stuff.

All the caddies get into players' dining this week without extra passes. You know, it's not anything big but it's just all those little things that add up to making it feel like an important thing, not, you know, just for us, it's for everybody else around us, too.

On the golf course, snacks and drinks and I know that's little but, again, it's the same thing. Trying to even think.

I love about this the most are the builds. With 9 and 18 being right beside each other it looks so big when you're on either 9 or 18 tee. It's big, intimidating but it's awesome.

That's what a Mayor Championship should be. I think back ten years, 12 years I played in U.S. Opens before I was a member and I remember being that amateur and seeing these big builds and all these people and that's what a Major Championship is. I would like to see us continue that trend with all of our Majors.

Q. So in your voice you're kind of from the polar opposite end of the country. Being up here in Minnesota, what things had you maybe heard about Minnesota, whether it be the weather or whatever, and then actually being here, what has kind of been your take on the culture and everything that we have?
STACY LEWIS: Everybody is really nice. I'm from Texas, people are pretty nice there. I guess they call it Minnesota Nice. Lot of nice people. There's a lot of the lakes. I've seen a lot of those so far.

I was here beginning of May, we had Target Field. It was darn cold. I'm glad it's a lot warmer now. I'll stick to the summertime in Minnesota.

Q. Talking more specifically about golf. 16 looks to be a hole that could decide the tournament come Saturday or Sunday. Water short left and right.
What variables go into your decision to be aggressive on the hole or be reserved? What things are you cognizant of on the tee?

STACY LEWIS: It's actually a pretty difficult tee shot. You can hit driver, you can hit 3-wood but either one you have to pick a really good line and I think they'll probably make it driveable at some point, too. That will kind of change the hole completely.

It's really -- you know, you think of this short par 4, pretty easy hole but it's really not. You really have to be specific off the tee and whether the fairways are running a lot or earlier in the morning you can probably hit more club. There's a lot of variables that go into that tee shot.

Q. Stacy, with your resume, your Solheim Cup history, your experience, I'm not sure how much you have to do to make the team, be a Captain's Pick.
What do you think you have to show?

STACY LEWIS: I just want to be playing good golf. I want to give Juli a reason to pick me. I'd like to make it on my own and that would be playing well these next couple Majors we have but, ultimately, it's just about playing good golf and, you know, I don't want her to pick me if I'm not playing well because I want what's best for the team. I want the girls to go over there and win whether I'm on the team or no. I want what's best for the team. If I'm playing well, I want to be there.

Q. Last time it was a big event here, Justin Rose complained the course was too easy, there wasn't a spec of rough or tucked pin.
Do you think anyone will be complaining about that on sun afternoon?

STACY LEWIS: I don't think anyone will complain it's too easy. I definitely think something pretty good under par, probably double digits under par is going to win, but I don't think anybody is going say it's too easy.

It's just -- it's one of those golf courses the greens are firm and I think that's going to be the hardest part. Going to be hard to get it close to some pins. You'll have a few holes you have some longer irons in but it's still going to be a great test.

Q. Is it difficult compared to other courses you play?
STACY LEWIS: I don't know what you want to compare it to. Is it the hardest golf course I've ever played? No. But it's on the harder end, I would say.

Q. You're familiar with the KPMG Women's Leadership tomorrow. The theme of the Summit is Inspire Greatness.
Wondering if you can just talk a little bit about women, females in your life that inspired you throughout your career.

STACY LEWIS: You know, I'd say my college coaches were a huge inspiration to me and they still are. Just two women that I really look up to and they believed in me more than I've ever believed in myself and saw something in me that I never even thought about really playing professional golf until I got there and so I always give them a lot of the credit and they deserve a lot of credit for the position that I'm in right now.

Q. Michelle was in here earlier and she said that she thought about taking a medical, talk to the LPGA about that, too, earlier.
I wonder if you're surprised that she's back or kind of your thoughts on Michelle and her health and what it means for her to be back on the Tour.

STACY LEWIS: Well, media-wise and fan-wise we want Michelle back. I don't think you'll have a player that says otherwise. Michelle's health I'd rather -- I don't know the specifics but I'd rather see her take more time and really be a hundred percent when she comes back so she can be the Michelle Wie that everybody has seen on the golf course.

I just think over -- you look over past few years she's rushed back from a lot of injuries and it's led to more and so I would just like to see her being a hundred percent and so that we can see the true Michelle.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much, Stacy. She's off No. 1 at 2:22 with Georgia Hall and In Kyung Kim.

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