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June 18, 2019

Gulbadin Naib

Manchester, England, UK

England - 397/6 (50), Afghanistan - 247/8 (50)

Q. Today, the batting department did well but what went wrong with the bowling? Rashid conceded more than 100 runs. What was the thing?
GULBADIN NAIB: I feel at the start of the day, the bowlers did well, in like 30 overs. Every bowler, not only Rashid (went for runs), and we dropped one catch of Morgan, I think on 15 or 17 runs. So, if he got out that time, so maybe they wouldn't score like this, in this match.

So yeah, it's a big side, so they didn't give a single chance.

Q. Are you disappointed with the performance of Rashid? You know, he was in for 11 6s, went for 110 and 9 overs, your main strike bowlers have so much reputation in this tournament.
GULBADIN NAIB: Not that much because Rashid is one of the best spinners now. He's a star player.

So yeah, it happens, for any player, so not only Rashid. So yeah, everyone knows how good Rashid is. I think today was not his day, but it's cricket, so sometimes you do well, sometimes like this kind of stuff. So I'm happy with him. No, it's not a big deal.

Q. We've seen some reports of an incident last night in a restaurant with the team. Can you tell us?
GULBADIN NAIB: No, no, no. No, I haven't, so you ask with my security officer. So I didn't know anything about him -- about them.

Q. You weren't there?

Q. From batting point of view, are you satisfied that you posted your highest World Cup total, and also, you batted out the full 50 overs for the first time in the tournament. Are these the positives that you take from this game?
GULBADIN NAIB: Yes, we take a lot of positives today. We did do well in every department, so -- so it's a cricket game, so we miss one case of Morgan, so maybe our game, we lost from there.

So like if you see after 30 overs, the score like around 180, 170-something, so after this match, 200 runs, 210 runs all in 20 overs and last ten, they score 140 runs.

So I think credit goes to Morgan, especially, for his batting. So he shows his class. So he's -- I think I've never seen this kind of level, especially of Morgan. So credit goes to them.

Yeah, we take a lot of things from here, so we are improving day-by-day in every department, so we are trying to do well every day. So now today, we have -- it's a good thing for the team, so we played 50 overs. So I think it's a positive sign.

Also bowlers did well, but sometimes, like especially ask for Rashid, so I think today, not his day. So I'm sure he will become strong.

Q. So could you just clarify, you said that you weren't there last night at the restaurant; we should speak to your security staff. But as a captain, when those type of incidents happen, how does that impact on the team the next day?
GULBADIN NAIB: No, no, I didn't know anything about them. So it's not a big issue for the team for me. So even I didn't know anything about them, so we have like manager and also we have a security officer. So you can ask -- you can ask with them. So we didn't know about anything.

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