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June 16, 2019

Gary Woodland

Pebble Beach, California

Q Take us through the sequence of 12, 13, and 14. Those seem to be the holes on which your championship hinged this afternoon.

GARY WOODLAND: Yeah. 12 was probably really one of the worst swings I made all week. And we missed it in the right spot. We missed it where we wanted to, just it got a little far. Had to take my medicine. Played a little conservative, take your 4 and try to move on.

Hit a bad drive there on 13 as well. But really stuck in there and hit one of the better swings I made all week on the second shot. It's nice to get away with 4 there.

And then we just wanted to play aggressive. I hit a great drive on 14. It was either we're going to lay up or we're going to go for it, and we sat there and thought about it for a while and said let's go, we're out here to win. Played aggressive, and it paid off.

Q Then came 17 and your tee shot went long, went to the far side of the green. What were you thinking at that point and what you needed to do to at least get it close?

GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, fortunately I had the same shot earlier in the week, so I already executed it once. I was just trying to fly it over the ridge. You're trying to take your medicine a little bit. And 4's not going to be the end of the world. So it came off beautifully, and I thought it had a chance to go in there. But that's definitely one -- it gave me a little cushion on the last.

Q Sense of relief with that particular shot because there's still a shot swing that could occur here with Brooks still ahead of you?

GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, you know, Brooks has all the power in the world, so I know he could get home on 18. Definitely has a chance to make eagle with that pin. So it was nice to make 3. And then I looked up at the board and saw that, you know, he had made par on the last, which gave me a little cushion on the last.

Q Birdie 18, the arms go up in the air, the fist pump. What was the emotion after that last putt?

GARY WOODLAND: Oh, just glad it was over. I didn't let myself get ahead at all today. Didn't ever let myself think the tournament was over. So I just stayed in it. I knew the putt was big. I knew Tiger shot 12-under here when he won in 2000. So I knew trying to get one more would have been nice. But I would have taken 12 pretty easily too.

Q And it's Father's Day. I'm sure that means an extra lot to you.

GARY WOODLAND: Yeah. It does. It's nice to have my dad here. Obviously I've got my son at home that turns two next week. I've got identical twin girls on the way in a couple months. So it's a special day.

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