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June 15, 2019

Dave Van Horn

Trevor Ezell

Isaiah Campbell

Omaha, Nebraska

Florida State - 1, Arkansas - 0.

DAVE VAN HORN: Yeah, just a really, really well-pitched game by both teams. I thought Isaiah threw the ball extremely well and pitch count got up just a little bit and then he had a couple quick innings there. He got us through seven. Parrish was really good. He was really good when we got runners on, especially in scoring position, mixing that changeup, fastball, breaking ball. We hit some balls hard early at people, hit a couple balls off the end of the bat that just happened to go right at them, as well, but that's kind of the way the game works. But give them credit, they did a great job, both pitchers.

I guess that's about all I've got.

Q. Trevor, what did you think of Parrish? You guys obviously got runners in scoring position but couldn't get the big hit, and Isaiah, you had a lot of guys on base but you were able to pitch out of trouble. Kind of go over that, how you got out of a lot of jams.
TREVOR EZELL: Yeah, I think Coach Van Horn said it. With runners on he did a great job of making pitches, mixing pitches and he just mixed the whole game, all three of them, changeup, curveball, fastball. Kept us off balance and those couple times we had him in trouble he really dug deep, and made pitches and got some strikeouts and we weren't able to score.

ISAIAH CAMPBELL: Yeah, I'm just a competitor. Those were self-inflicted. Walked some guys and just missed some spots, gave them some hits. But I just compete and just gave the team a chance to win today and they just out-pitched us today and they just got that timely hit, and that was the difference in the ballgame.

Q. Isaiah, it seemed like you're trading zeros at the College World Series. First of all, how much fun is that to be a part of, and secondly, did you feel like you kind of found your rhythm in the middle to later part of your outing there?
ISAIAH CAMPBELL: Yeah, it's fun when you're battling, putting up 0's. It's the biggest stage in baseball and to do it in front of 26,000 fans, it's special. We gave the fans a treat, pitcher duel, and I definitely found my groove, started having all four pitches and just felt more comfortable on the mound and just commanded all four pitches and just threw them for strikes, got ahead of more hitters and just got quick outs.

Q. Trevor, I think it's only the second time you guys were shut out this year. Alabama was the other one. You guys have been so good all season, kind of hard to believe you got shut out. Do you just have to give FSU credit on that?
TREVOR EZELL: Oh yeah, we're just going to tip the cap. They did a fantastic job on the mound, Parrish and Flowers both there at the end. Like I said, they kept us off balance. Really kept the off speed down, so there weren't too much pitches we shall capitalize on or really had chances to capitalize on. He was that good today.

Q. Trevor, the off-speed stuff, was it what you guys had seen on video coming in? Was it better than what you had seen in the scouting report from Parrish?
TREVOR EZELL: I wouldn't say that per se. We knew he was going to throw a lot of mix, throw a lot of the change and the curve, and he just did a good job locating, didn't miss a whole lot, was able to mix it in well with his fastball and pitch off that, and he did a great job.

Q. Isaiah, obviously the team is going to have to win a couple games for you to get another start. Do you have a good feeling that you haven't pitched your last game yet? What do you think about the rest of the series now?
ISAIAH CAMPBELL: Yeah, absolutely. I don't think I've pitched my last game. This team has battled and competed all year. That's what we're going to do. It starts Monday. We've just got to come out against Texas Tech, hit the ball, pitch really well, and just play Arkansas baseball. But I definitely don't think it's my last time pitching as a Razorback.

Q. Coach, Parrish has good starts, he's been really good this year. His bad ones not so much. What did he have in the good ones tonight and why has there been such a difference between him good and bad?
DAVE VAN HORN: Well, he threw a lot of strikes tonight and he was ahead in the count a lot, just really did a good job of mixing, keeping our guys off balance. He really didn't double up too much. A couple of fastballs here and there, a couple of changeups here and there, but mixed it in and out, up and down, and when we got runners in scoring position, he wouldn't give us a fastball to hit. When he threw a fastball, to me he was just setting up the next pitch, which was usually a changeup, to the right-handers. Just he had command. He had it rolling out there.

Q. You probably are used to this by now from Isaiah with the kind of year he's had, but to see him go out here and have a game like this where he had to battle and he matched 0's for seven innings, what more can you say about him and what this performance -- how do you put that in perspective for him?
DAVE VAN HORN: Yeah, he did everything he could to give us an opportunity to win the game. He probably didn't have his best stuff early, kind of kicked it into gear in the middle a little bit and got out of a jam or two. But it seems like I don't know how many starts he's had now, probably 18 or so. It seems like every time he goes out there, he gives us six plus, seven plus, and we were in every game and had a chance to win it. Even his only loss this year we lost 3-2 and had a chance to tie it up and take the lead late in the game and we didn't do it. But he's just been special. I think the players know that when they come to the field and he's starting that we have a really good opportunity to win the ballgame.

Q. You guys obviously had guys in scoring position, left a lot of guys on. They did, too. Do you feel like you just couldn't quite get that timely hit tonight or fly ball or whatever you needed?
DAVE VAN HORN: Yeah, we had really two shots to get him. We only left six runners on. We didn't have a lot of runners when I say only. But we had a couple guys on third base or second and third with less than two. We've got to get -- we've just got to make contact. We had runners at second and third and they ran the infield in on us, and Goodheart hit one off the end of the bat, went right at him. That's kind of the way the game works. If it's 10-foot one way or the other, we score two runs instead of one. If they stay back, we get one run out of it. But give them credit. They did a great job and they gambled a little bit and it paid off. It doesn't surprise me the game was low scoring. I wouldn't have predicted 1-0. Maybe 3-2, somewhere in there, but what a great job by both pitchers.

Q. That was kind of a crazy play tonight when Casey was charging in, I guess the runner ran into him, knocked the ball loose. How did you see that play?
DAVE VAN HORN: Again, it's kind of the breaks of the game. They were stealing on the pitch it looked like to me. Shortstop was breaking to the bag a little bit late, runner hit it or batter hit it and kind of hit it at us and had an opportunity to field it, tag and throw, probably get a double play. I really don't know what happened. I'd have to see it again. I think it was all just so tight in there he didn't have a chance to really get his glove in position to make a tag with that hard contact. He lost his glove and everything. Again, it's just the way it is. That's the way the game works.

Q. I guess that was basically my question. Is he okay? Did he come out of that okay injury-wise?
DAVE VAN HORN: Yeah, I think he's fine. I think he jammed his wrist just there a little bit because it caught him awkwardly. I think if he was really, really hurt he would have told me. He may be a little sore in the morning, but I'll check on it later tonight. But yeah, I think he's all right.

Q. Dave, you guys beat South Carolina 1-0. I think there's only been one other 1-0 game since then. Do you remember that game all those years ago and did it remind you of that?
DAVE VAN HORN: Yeah, 1-0, 17 innings. What do you want to know about it? (Laughter). No, we won that game. That's all I remember.

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