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June 15, 2019

Jon Rahm

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Talk about the round.
JON RAHM: Man, what to say? Good start. I played solid early on and after that chip-in on 8 I thought it could have been a really good round. And then the U.S. Open got me, Pebble Beach got me and kind of stalled a little bit. Bogey on 10, stupid mistake on 11 and stupid mistake on 13. A couple of bad missed shots I couldn't save. But came back with two good birdies on 14 and 15. Too bad I couldn't convert on the one on 17 and give myself a better chance on 18. I would have taken anything under par today. Three solid rounds in a row, I just hope coming tomorrow that the leaders don't get too far away and I can put two solid nine holes in a row. Because that's what I'm missing. Every day I've had a good nine, and a bad nine, hopefully tomorrow I can put two good ones and give a little scare.

Q. You take two individuals off that leaderboard, which you can't do, but you do that and you're three off the lead. You never know what can happen to players?
JON RAHM: Exactly, you never know what can happen. It's as simple as that. It's a U.S. Open. There's a lot of holes to be played and we don't know what weather we're going to be to have. I can imagine the course being set up difficult. The leaders are on 14, there are four more holes to go. You can make birdies, but if you don't put it in the fairway those become bogey holes and you've got to save par holes. A lot of holes to be played and hoping they don't get too far away.

Q. Graeme said he's a little bit disappointed with the kind of moist conditions, he wished they would firm up a bit. Do you feel the same way or are you happy with the way the course is playing?
JON RAHM: I somewhat agree. He's biased, he won here with a rock solid golf course. Yeah, I do somewhat agree. I did expect it to get a little bit firmer today. I did think they were going to make it a lot more difficult thinking that anything around par was going to be a good score today. But the wind didn't get too, too hard out there. It's not warm enough to get it firm. Unfortunately we have this weather. We had the sunny days early on the week it would be a very different story. But the weather wasn't on our side.

I also do understand you don't want to lose the golf course. There's been complaints in the past with the course setup and the amount of -- little bit on the safe side this year. But still 18 holes to play. You don't know what's going to happen. And I bet they're going to try to correct it and have some difficult pin locations tomorrow.

Q. What's going to be your mentality going into tomorrow? Graeme talked about holding on and staying patient with his game. How are you going to be?
JON RAHM: Same thing. I wish I could hit it off the tee the way I did yesterday and the day before. I was quite erratic today. I didn't give myself as many chances as I could have. But, again, you have to play really good golf to shoot low. What Gary and Rosie did to shoot 6-under out here, no joke. With the moist conditions this year, you've got to play good.

Hopefully I can stay aggressive. Hopefully I can get off to a hot start like I did Thursday and keep the momentum going. There's going to be a key moment tomorrow, and a lot depends on how you go through 8 through 12. That stretch of holes is difficult. It's a hard part of the golf course. If you can play that even par, under par, you can have a chance to shoot low. So that's kind of the idea.

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