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June 15, 2019

Tim Tadlock

Cameron Warren

Josh Jung

Omaha, Nebraska

Michigan - 5, Texas Tech - 3

TIM TADLOCK: Congratulations to Michigan. I thought they played better than us in all phases of the game. I thought Kauffmann was brilliant. I thought their lineup was very competitive. I thought they played great defense. I mean, it really looked like a team that's playing at the top of their game, which I'm sure they needed to be doing and have been doing for a couple weeks now, and you can see how they arrived here at this point. Kauffmann was tough. He's a guy that is mixing in fastball counts some and just did a really good job.

It's unfortunate. If there's one thing that we would probably say, we'll take our team with our backs against the wall any day of the week, and we like our guys.

Q. Josh, just kind of looking at the job Kauffmann did, what did you see from him just from a stuff standpoint, the way you approached you guys 1 through 9?
JOSH JUNG: He hit his spots. Basically, they were shifting us all over the field and he was hitting his spots and we hit straight into the shift pretty much all day.

Q. Josh or Cameron, what did you guys think of the quality of your at-bats? It seemed like just compared to Michigan they were working a lot of counts and running up pitch counts for you guys but there were a lot of quick innings for Kauffmann today.
CAMERON WARREN: We got have better at-bats than we did. We've got to battle more. I mean, we did hit a lot of balls hard today. We hit it right at them some. But we've just got to grind and we've got to come back ready to play in two days.

JOSH JUNG: I'd say the same thing. We hit a lot of balls on the screws right at them. We lined out a few times and they got out of jams. When they got the clutch hits, we weren't getting those clutch hits.

Q. Tim, just kind of your thoughts on Micah Dallas today, what did you think about his stuff and his performance?
TIM TADLOCK: Yeah, his stuff wasn't quite where it has been. I want to say the fastball was a tick probably -- didn't have his best stuff. He's been a guy that when he doesn't have that, he's been able to pitch through some things. Give Michigan credit for that. They hit everything that he threw up there that was in the middle of the plate. And so I don't want to take anything away from them.

We wouldn't be here without Micah Dallas. There's nobody that feels worse than Micah right now. He takes it upon his shoulders to go out and pitch into the sixth or seventh inning every time, and he's done that quite a bit. He just had a bad day, and Michigan had a really good day.

Q. Wanted to know what were the differences with -- from what you saw Kauffmann the first time back in March? What was he doing better and what did he change around?
TIM TADLOCK: They really played better defense today. I mean, when we played them at home in the regular season, they kicked the ball around quite a bit behind Henry and Kauffmann and Criswell. They didn't give us any free outs today. We had to earn everything we got, and they played about as good a defense as you're going to play today, and that has a lot to do with him executing pitches. It's really hard to pinpoint exactly -- I think both teams hit some balls hard. They hit some balls hard, too, that could have found some holes.

But I would say as a group, their team is playing better.

Q. Tim, you cut three runs out of that 4-0 hole and it kind of seemed like you had some momentum in your dugout. How much did that play in the hole, the bounce to first that gave them their fifth run, how much did that kind of swing things a little bit?
TIM TADLOCK: Well, it definitely gives them a little more separation. It's a play we've seen Josh make at third and short. We've actually bragged about it a little bit. Maybe we need to quit doing that. It's also a play when he's throwing it bad where Cam has picked him up. Between those two things happening on that play, I'd bet the house the next time either one happens, we get an out, either Cam is going to pick it or Josh is going to hit him in the chest, one or the other. Just one of those deals. It does give them a little bit of separation. But we had opportunities. I mean, we had a lot of pitches to hit. I mean, even in the ninth we had pitches to hit.

Q. Obviously Gabe Holt wasn't in the lineup today? What's his status? Yesterday you had the feeling he might be playing today.
TIM TADLOCK: Well, it's day-to-day. It's a deal where he needs to be close to 100 percent and he needs to be able to get his thumb in his glove. That hasn't really been happening yet. And so right now I would say we'll see on Monday. Really going into really yesterday it was more about just not tipping our hand as far as who was going to play, if that makes sense, I mean, with all the video stuff now. I didn't really want them to go dig around on O'Tremba's 100 at-bats or 130 at-bats. Even though they pitched him really well, you wanted to give a guy that hadn't been in there an opportunity to get some straight ones if he can get them.

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