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June 14, 2019

Matt Wallace

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Just go ahead and talk about your round today if you could and getting right back in the mix?
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, it was nice to play really well today. Didn't play so good yesterday, and I actually grind it out, and today was a lot better. Still a couple bogeys tucked in there, one on the third hole, which was very easy, right about 17 yards to the flag at made bogey from there.

Things to improve on. Liking the way I'm swinging it and playing.

Q. Can you talk about all the guys, the logjam, they'd be after Gary and all the guys under par, all the guys --
MATT WALLACE: I actually haven't seen the scoreboard for a while, so I don't know what the scores are. That was quite nice for me to just try and make as many birdies coming in as possible.

So that's where I'm at. I don't know where Gary's at. But we've got two days on a tough golf course to go and try and play as well as I possibly and place as high as I can. And if I've got a chance come the last nine holes, then hopefully I can give it a go.

Q. Can you talk about the opportunities to score on this course and how it's been set up and how it's playing?
MATT WALLACE: Today is lot firmer. And I was watching the morning, and I saw the -- on the 7th hole how far the ball was bouncing off that green. And you can tell the difference with yesterday it was spinning back and stopping and spinning back, whereas today it's like with a wedge, a good 10 yards -- or 10 foot of bounce.

So I'm sure the greens are going to firm up. It's going to be a lot tougher, and I don't know what the wind is saying. But if it's anything like this, it will be -- it will be a tough test, but you can still score.

Q. Did you have a birdie mentality coming into this?
MATT WALLACE: I've had a bit of success with birdieing some hard holes as well, but it's so difficult out there that you try and take what you can. And if you've got a chance, you've really got to take it, you know, and then hold on on some of the hard holes.

But like I started on the 10th today, and I had a good 15-foot putt on 10, I played two great shots. So there's chances, but obviously you've got to play perfect golf to have those chances.

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