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June 13, 2019

Stephen Curry

Oakland, California - Postgame 6

Toronto - 114, Golden State - 110

Q. When Draymond was in here, Steph, he said that he felt like a lot of people will look at this like an ending to you guys' run, but that would be a mistake on their part. Can you talk about the resiliency of your team and if indeed you had that feeling as well and should people not put you guys in the grave right now.
STEPHEN CURRY: Tough way to go out. Obviously credit Toronto on a great series. They went out and won it. They played amazing tonight all across the board, they had contributions, and, yeah, it's a tough feeling being on this side of losing in The Finals. But I think a lot has been proven about who we are as a team and the fight that we have and all the adversity that we dealt with in this entire playoff run. It's a one-possession game to keep our season alive tonight. So we'll be thinking about this one, it's tough. But our DNA and who we are and the character that we have on this team, I wouldn't bet against us being back on this stage next year and going forward. So really proud of the way that we fought until the end and this five-year run's been awesome, but definitely don't think it's over.

Q. Despite the loss can you just talk about all the emotions you're feeling that this is the last game at Oracle. I mean for these fans this is their Oracle and they love this place. And what are you feeling now that this is really over?
STEPHEN CURRY: A lot of different emotions, a lot of thoughts. No regrets at all about, again, what we have been able to accomplish and even how this series ended. So we had a lot of great memories in this building. I think it's iconic in the sense of our entire history of this organization and how we got to this point. Whenever I drive by it I'll have great memories of, again, what we have been able to accomplish in this building. And as we move across the bridge, we want to be able to continue that and create new memories. So hopefully every fan that was in this building appreciates the journey and the ride. And every fan that was watching how Oakland held us down for 47 years, and turn the page to bigger and better things coming for this franchise.

Q. You saw a lot of Fred VanVleet in this series. What do you know about him now that you didn't know before?
STEPHEN CURRY: He's a gamer. He hit some big shots. Not just in the face of pressure, he hit a lot of daggers that never seemed to panic when the ball was in his hands. And even tonight he hit like three of them that kept the momentum on their side. So obviously saw a lot of bodies on defense, but he was one that took the challenge. And obviously he's a champion now. So, well deserved.

Q. Comparing the way you lose three years ago in The Finals with like almost got shot down at very second, at very last second in Game 7, to this Finals, with so many injuries, so many people got down, so which one is more painful for you guys?
STEPHEN CURRY: Losing hurts no matter what the situation is. Nobody likes that feeling whether it's a Game 7 or Game 6 or what have you. I'll echo what Draymond said. It's kind of how do you respond and what do you -- how hard do you work to try to get back to this stage. Soak up this feeling, because obviously we celebrated, we have had champagne, we have had rings, but this is the more motivating feeling in terms of how do you respond, how do you turn the page to new challenges ahead. So we'll be all right.

Q. First, can you explain how you felt watching Klay go down, and secondly how much did you have left at the end when you had that look to possibly put your team ahead and go on to Game 7?
STEPHEN CURRY: It's just tough in terms of a guy like Klay that left it all out there. He was playing amazing tonight. And to see a freak play like that where he lands awkwardly. I don't know the diagnosis yet, but you think about the person and the guy and how much he loves to play the game and that's the only thoughts you have. It's really not about what it means in terms of playing basketball. It's just I'm more concerned about him as an individual than -- and hoping that's all right. So I'll kind of leave it at that. But the shot was one I take 10 out of 10 times. And we ran a play that was kind of, we got a decent look off of kind of a bobbled catch, and I could see the rim, so I shot it. I'll live with that. We always talk about that, myself and Klay, in terms of shots that we take, you live with it. I would shoot that shot every day of the week.

Q. You've said so many times this season how difficult it is to win it all and how you guys need to cherish every moment together while this team is together. Do the events of the last couple days where Kevin has surgery and Klay goes down, just show you how many things have to go right for a special championship and how things sometimes don't work out?
STEPHEN CURRY: For sure. In the history of this NBA you could highlight every team that was supposed to win or had the best team and all the different story lines. And 82 games and a full playoff run, a lot can happen. It's just a matter of how much you fight and just leave it all out there on the floor. I think the way that we have talked and described this journey and whatnot, I don't think there's ever been a situation where we have taken anything for granted. And that's something I can look back and just hold. We all can hold our head high that we gave it everything we got. To your point about two guys who go down and the game's kind of taken away from them in those moments, it's not a good feeling at all. And it's kind of a helpless feeling in terms of two freak plays that send these guys back to the locker room. So it's tough, but it's part of basketball, it's part of the game. Again, I just hope their recoveries are strong and they come back better than they were before.

Q. When you think about the toll a five-year run can take, all the extra games, you think about some key free agencies, the injuries, Shaun has talked about possibly retiring. Does this feel like if not necessarily the end, then kind of a major transition point for who you guys have been? Do you expect serious change potentially coming forward?
STEPHEN CURRY: I'm not sure. There's a lot of obviously decisions that will go into the summer and we'll deal with those accordingly. But, yeah, I think true champions like we are, we should be able to adapt and keep this same kind of DNA no matter what our roster looks like next year. And have high hopes about being back on this stage, whether it looks the same or not or obviously we're changing buildings and all that type of stuff, there is going to be some change. But we'll enjoy this summer, like you said, it's been a long journey. We've played a lot of basketball, get away from the game a little bit, refresh the minds, guys go through some rehabs and get back stronger. Next season will be next season, and we'll come back with the right mentality. So it's kind of hard to talk about because it's a tough way to go out and it's tough to lose in The Finals, but the story's not over yet.

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