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June 13, 2019

Draymond Green

Oakland, California - Postgame 6

Toronto - 114, Golden State - 110

Q. What does it say about this team that the fact that you guys went through all of this and still was able to get it to a Game 6? How does, how do you feel about your teammates, about the team, the five-year journey and just kind of capsulating all that into what's happening right now?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I mean I feel great to go to war with those guys every single night, through everything we went through this year. You look at some of the stuff that's gone on and it's like, oh, that was two years ago, no that was like five months ago, it was seven months ago, two months ago. Like everything this team has been through, I'm extremely proud of the guys, the way we fought. It was great, but we lost. There's no moral victories. Congratulations to Toronto, they played a great series and they deserved to win.

Q. Following up on that, how much solace are you guys able to take now and maybe in the months ahead at the way in which you fought in these last few games, short, as short-handed as you were with KD and Klay and everybody battling injuries?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Obviously you feel good about it, but it's no shocker to us. We know what this team has been made of all along. I said it over and over again, the pretty offense will always be the story line, but this team, a ton of heart. Everybody that steps on that floor displayed a ton of heart. So it's no shocker to us that we continue to fight, but we came up a little short and that's just it.

Q. Steve said earlier that just considering all the injuries you guys faced, he was shocked you guys were in this position, able to your guys' wherewithal to come back and do all this. Considering all that, do you think you guys maybe left some opportunities out there. Eight missed free throws. Obviously the shot at the end of the game where Steph didn't hit it. Do you think you guys maybe left some stuff out there?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I think every game you leave something out there. I don't think anyone leaves any game and feels like you did everything you could have possibly done to the T. That's just a part of what, the game that we play. Obviously the missed free throws, they usually come back and bite you, and they probably did. But there was several things that went on throughout the course of this game which is why we lost. So I think I can look at every loss in my career and every win and nitpick. At the end of the day, we lost, so that's all that matters.

Q. Can you talk about Klay Thompson's performance, what you saw when he went down and just how much it hurt you guys to not have him the rest of the game.
DRAYMOND GREEN: Oh, I mean, well, without Klay it's tough. It takes some shooting off the floor, so spacing is not quite there. Obviously one of our best defenders. Probably the guy that got the most heart on this team. It's not really the most popular opinion, but as a guy who's been with Klay for seven years, I don't know many people with as much heart as Klay. So the way he was playing, as aggressive as he was, he was carrying us and when he went down obviously we lose a lot. But.

Q. When he came back out of the tunnel did you know it was just to shoot the free throws or did you think play Klay's coming back he's going to play some more?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Oh, I knew it was just to shoot the free throws. But also with Klay he, if they would have let him stay out there he would have stayed. That's just who he is. You see him try to run back down the floor like, what are you doing? But that's Klay. How many people is going to play with a hamstring injury? No one. Like no one does that. So that's just the way he is, man. That guy is -- he's a warrior and obviously that's no pun intended with that, but there's no other way to describe him. He's going to give everything he got every time he step on the floor and even some things that he don't have, which is his health. He was going to try to give it more. That's just who he is. That's why we love him.

Q. There's been an end of the run air to a lot of the coverage and discussion even tonight, but some version of you guys is going to show up in the fall and step back out on the court. Will you be dragging an accumulation of wear and tear? What do you expect is next for your group?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Yeah. I think everybody thinks it's kind of the end of us. But that's just not smart. We're not done yet. We lost this year. Clearly just wasn't our year, but that's how the cookie crumbles sometimes. But, yeah, I hear a lot of that noise, it's the end of a run and all that jazz. I don't see it happening though. We'll be back.

Q. Just to go back on Klay, I don't know, I just would be curious to know if you know this, did you know he was doing jumping jacks in the tunnel and trying to run back and forth?
DRAYMOND GREEN: No, I didn't. But it does not shock me one bit. Klay is, he's crazy, to say the least. He is going to -- he loves to play basketball and no matter what he's got he's going to try to be out there on the floor. So it's not shocking at all. I'm sure he tried to get back out there on the floor and they just would not let him. So, no, it sucks. Obviously we're praying that everything is okay, but that's a tough one.

Q. Knowing that if you got another T you were going to miss potential Game 7, did you adjust your game at all? Was it on your mind or did you just play the same you always do?
DRAYMOND GREEN: No, it wasn't on my mind. I'm not an idiot. I know that I can't get another T, so I'm not really going to flirt that line. I think if you look at this entire year there was a lot of noise about players and officiating and the back and forth. And I think over the course of the last eight to 10 week that is all has been cleaned up from both sides. Officials I think were a lot better in communicating with us. And I think players in turn showed the same respect to those guys. So I had some conversations with officials today, and, but that's allowed. I think that there's kind of this narrative of we don't work together. We all work together to put a great product out there on the floor and represent this league the way we all want it to be represented, as we all are a part of the makeup of this league. So I had conversations with officials. But, yeah, I'm far from dumb as people think I am. I know how to control myself a tad. Just a little bit.

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