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June 13, 2019

Francisco Molinari

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Always nice to finish with a birdie.
FRANCISCO MOLINARI: Yeah, very happy. It's a good start. Obviously when you're playing in the afternoon and you see guys going low in the morning, you always wonder what you're going to get in the afternoon. Happy with the way I played, and hopefully more good golf to come the next few years.

Q. Rory said this morning he felt like it was a "soft open" to the U.S. Open. What do you think he means?
FRANCISCO MOLINARI: I don't know, but I think it's a bit too early to speak, so I'll leave those judgments to Rory and just not say anything about the course so far.

Q. What was out there today?
FRANCISCO MOLINARI: It was good. I think we got a bit more breeze, especially on the front nine, than the morning wave. But still benign conditions. But it's only Thursday. So there's a long way to go.

Q. Rory also used the word "benign," and Graeme McDowell used the same words to describe conditions today.
FRANCISCO MOLINARI: Hopefully we'll use it every day until Sunday.

Q. Do you feel this was the day, the way it was set up, you know what they do here, this was the day to go out and get a low number?
FRANCISCO MOLINARI: Yeah, it was set up fair. It just seems they let it set by the weather, it's been not extreme hot, and the greens, especially in the morning, are quite soft and firm up during the day. But nothing you wouldn't see in a regular tournament.

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