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June 13, 2019

Chesson Hadley

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Tell us about your round, good day today?
CHESSON HADLEY: Yeah, it was a great day. I just got off to a nice start. I hit one in the rough, hit it on the green, made a putt for birdie. And a hard par on No. 2.

I was just -- I scrambled really, really well today. I birdied every par 5, which was huge. But, you know, I feel like I haven't -- I have not fared well in major championships, I don't know how many I've played, nine or ten, I've only made the cut in one of them.

But I think one of the reasons why at least I got off to a good start is because I'm so familiar with this course. This is a course I've played 50 times. It's nice to go around a track that I know, I'm familiar with. I think that played a huge role in why I was able to shoot what I shot today.

Q. Fair setup today?
CHESSON HADLEY: Oh, more than fair. I think it's just perfect. It was firm. Greens are firming up. It's poa annua, got a little bumpy in the afternoon. But it's just -- it's perfect, it's more than fair. It's just going to continue to get a little bit harder every day, I'm sure. So hopefully I can put together another good one tomorrow and we'll see -- we'll just let the chips fall where they may.

Q. Greens bumpy this afternoon? How did you think they felt?
CHESSON HADLEY: Yeah, it's nothing -- nothing out of the ordinary, it's just poa annua, it's just what happens. I guess certain parts of the grass grows faster and that's why it gets bumpy. It is what it is. We putt on poa annua greens all year, all my life. So it's certainly something that -- but they were great. And they're going to be perfect tomorrow morning.

Q. What time do you tee off tomorrow morning?
CHESSON HADLEY: Not a clue, 7:00 something.

Q. You'll have nice greens tomorrow morning.

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