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June 13, 2019

Chez Reavie

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Not the worst conditions for Pebble Beach, but playable. Talk about how the course played and gave you, what you're able to take away from it.
CHEZ REAVIE: Yeah, you know, it was a great day. I think the cloud cover kind of kept the greens just a little bit softer, which helped hold the greens. But you still had to putt the ball in the fairway. If you hit the ball in the rough, you had your hands full.

So I was able to do that today. But I missed a couple fairways, but they were just in the first cuts, so I was able to hit a lot of greens.

Q. It looks like people were able to attack it pretty much today. You've got a group of -5s at the top, -4s, -3s, -2s. Looks like you can go out and get what you want as long as you're careful.
CHEZ REAVIE: Yeah, you got to be very careful. You hit a lot of fairways, and you can be staring at some pins and then all of a sudden you get yourself in some trouble. So even though I was hitting a lot of fairways, I was very careful and tried to keep the ball below the hole as best I could and make as many putts as I could.

It's kind of the calm before the storm. You know it's going to be tough, it's going to firm up over the weekend. And so we're all preparing for that.

Q. When you have a good score in the first round, you're going into the second round, you've got to -- just a little alteration to your strategy, how do you approach the second round knowing what you were able to do in the first?
CHEZ REAVIE: Yeah, you know, the key for me is just fairways. I don't hit the ball as far as some of these guys out here. So if I'm not in the fairways, I'm at a big disadvantage. So I've got to hit the fairways, and especially when the greens get firm, really plot your way around. And if you do miss greens, make sure you miss the greens in the proper spots and keep it below the hole and give yourself at least a chance. Because these greens are so tough, once they get really firm, there would be a lot of up-and-downs that are just impossible out here.

Q. Is it mentally a little bit of a challenge when you know you can't bomb it like some of these guys do? You have to live with that obviously, but how do you compensate and what do you do?
CHEZ REAVIE: Yeah, so fortunately my strength is how straight I hit it. I don't hit it short. I just don't hit it 340. I can still get it over 300, and fortunately I can do that and still hit it straight.

So that's key for me, is just to plot my way around and just kind of keep jabbing at the golf course and just try and not make any silly mistakes, and that's where I make up for some of the distance.

Q. Tomorrow's plan, how do you approach it, how do you attack it, how do you get a -2 or even better?
CHEZ REAVIE: Yeah, you know, it's going to be interesting. I'll kind of get a feel for the greens in the morning and see how firm they are, and then I'll just pick my spots from there. If they firm up quite a bit from today till tomorrow, then I'll just aim it more center of the greens.

And bogey avoidance is huge for me. So as long as I don't make bogeys, I know I'll make a couple birdies every day, and that will be the key for me.

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