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June 13, 2019

Brandon Wu

Pebble Beach, California

Q. This is your first U.S. Open, right?

Q. Even par, Pebble Beach.
BRANDON WU: I'll take it. I felt like I hit it really well today, especially off the tee. You can't be playing out of the rough out here, it's going to be way too difficult. I think I only missed one fairway today, one in the first cut, as well. Yeah, I just tried to keep it in the short stuff and hit middle of the green and try to lag it up close.

Q. I think low amateur right now is 1-under.
BRANDON WU: Yeah, that's definitely a goal this week.

Q. Have you played this course in any competition?
BRANDON WU: Yeah, U.S. Am last year.

Q. That was it, nothing collegiate?

Q. I was going to ask you how big or how much, one, has that helped, and two, is the course playing really differently? What are the differences?
BRANDON WU: The rough is definitely by far the biggest difference.

Q. Rough much heavier here?
BRANDON WU: Rough is much heavier. If you get a bad lie you probably can't hit more than a wedge out of it. It's not something college kids really see that much. So it's something to get used to. And some of the fairways are different because of how they've ground the rough in. So I think No. 4 is a great example, that bunker in the U.S. Am was in the middle of the fairway, and now it's in the left rough.

Q. That is No. 4?

Q. How did you do in the Amateur?
BRANDON WU: I missed the cut by two or three, I think.

Q. In that experience, though, playing in that, also, does it help a little bit that you kind of have played this course?
BRANDON WU: Yeah, yeah, definitely. Obviously a lot of the lines are the same. I think -- obviously it's so pretty out here. Once you've been around a couple of times you can kind of focus on the golf instead of just how good the views are. So I think that's cool.

Q. You play for Stanford now?
BRANDON WU: Yeah, but I just finished my senior year.

Q. Then you guys just won the NCAA?

Q. Being that you're done there, what's next?
BRANDON WU: So, I'm an amateur this week. I'm going to stay amateur all summer, hopefully make that Walker Cup team at the end of the summer and then turn pro from then on.

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