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June 11, 2019

Sarfaraz Ahmed

Taunton, England, UK

THE MODERATOR: Pakistan's Sarfaraz Ahmed has joined us.

Q. You lost to Australia 5-0 not so long ago. What's changed with the team apart from just the personnel?
SARFARAZ AHMED: I think that thing is going -- it's the past. We're not thinking about that. Actually thinking about tomorrow's game. So our morale is very high. Momentum is very high. So hopefully we'll do very good against them insha'Allah tomorrow.

Q. For your coach, do you think playing Australia brings back good, happy memories or some unhappy memories? For your coach, does playing Australia bring back happy memories or unhappy memories?
SARFARAZ AHMED: He's a wonderful coach, doing very well with us. Since last three years he's working very hard with our players. So for me, for Pakistan, he's a wonderful coach.

Q. We saw your colleague tell the Indian supporters, (indiscernible), the Pakistani supporters tomorrow get into the (indiscernible) want to do something similar?
SARFARAZ AHMED: I don't think Pakistani people are doing like that. Pakistan people love cricket and they love support and they love the players.

Q. Australia might have an unassembled lineup after Marcus Stoinis got injured. Do you think that they're a little bit more vulnerable at the moment? Did you watch their game against India, and what did you make of it?
SARFARAZ AHMED: I think I'm not thinking about them, what they are thinking at the moment. I know we heard about Stoinis is out of the workup. And Mitch Marsh is on the way. So I'm thinking about my team so we'll make good planning against them. So hopefully we will do well as a team.

Q. Obviously a fair bit of rain about, and it's likely to rain again tomorrow. Tactically, do you approach the game differently if the possibility is it's a far shorter game or with the selections, or in the way you bat or bowl or whatever?
SARFARAZ AHMED: Firstly, we can't control the weather, you know. For weather, it's for both teams as well. But definitely if the match is short, definitely the planning is changed. But if the full match is happening, so definitely we make what we are doing tomorrow definitely the weather overcast like that, every team wanted-- if anyone wanted to win the toss, definitely want to bowl first.

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