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June 11, 2019

Dimuth Karunaratne

Bristol, Gloucestershire, UK

Q. You have two points from two games, and are you happy with those points or are you unhappy that you didn't get any cricket at all in two matches?
DIMUTH KARUNARATNE: I think as a team, we came here for play, you know. I think sometimes you might think if you share the points, it's fine. But I think we don't want to win our points freely. We want to play cricket and win games and gain the points. That's what I think. I think, unfortunately, rain has -- you know, raining all of the places. But well, we're happy with the points and we are going for the next match.

Q. Obviously a massive game coming up next against Australia. Are you concerned now that you may be a bit undercooked for that game, and how do you see that game playing out?
DIMUTH KARUNARATNE: As I said, every game is a challenging game. I think the last game we played before, till the Australian game we played Afghanistan, it will be 11 days' gap. So I think we need to prepare for the games, after winning, and we need momentum for that game I think. But we are trying hard. We played a practice game against Australia. We know how they are, and how they are going to play with us, so those are the things we have to look after, and we keep planning and doing the right things and hopefully we can do -- hopefully we can play a game.

Q. Do you think reserve days, even for the late stage, would have been a better idea, considering it's England and the weather is so unpredictable, and it's cost your team now, two games in a row, no action at all.
DIMUTH KARUNARATNE: Yeah, reserve days, if they can put a reserve day, it's fine, but I don't think -- you know, it's a major tournament, we are playing nine games. I don't think they can keep a reserve day for us, because after the next day, you have to travel the different venue, so it's not easy. But I feel if they can put a result, it's going to be a good final, good for all the spectators and everyone.

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