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June 10, 2019

Kyle Lowry

Toronto, Ontario - Postgame 5

Q. Maybe just that last possession, you ended up with that ball in corner, it was hard to see if someone got a hand on it or whatever. Just from when you guys inbounding it at 15 seconds and maybe your shot, what you saw and how it went down?
KYLE LOWRY: We tried to get to Kawhi to his right side, they doubled off him. He swung it to Freddie, and Freddie had a look and he threw it to me in the corner, and Draymond got a piece of it. He blocked it. I'm not going to miss it; he got a little piece of it.

But probably could have gotten a little bit better maybe but we got to look at it and see what we can get better at.

Q. If Draymond doesn't get it, did it feel good out of your hand?
KYLE LOWRY: Yeah, it felt great out of my hand. He got a piece of it, that's what great defenders do. He got a piece of it and we'll continue to look at it and see how we can be better for the next game.

Q. When Kevin went down in the second quarter, the fans reacted in a way that you didn't approve of.

Q. What was the moment like in the arena when it happened, how did it affect emotionally the rest of the game from that point?
KYLE LOWRY: Well, I think that I don't think the fans knew the significance of the injury. They kind of just seen he went down. In this league we're all brothers. At the end of the day, we're all brothers and it's a small brotherhood and you never want to see a competitor like him go down. You don't know what the circumstances are.

And for me it was just, listen, we don't want anything to ever happen like that. We don't know what's this or that. So I just kind of -- we don't want that type of stuff. And it didn't change much emotionally. It was just after he went down he went down, and we got on and finished the game.

Q. Going up six, building going wild, you guys making that comeback, at all did it creep into your mind, we're going to do this, we're going to finish this?
KYLE LOWRY: No, we stayed in the moment. They came back and made three straight threes. Played some good defense down the stretch. We just missed some shots and they did what they were supposed to do.

Q. Nick mentioned that at the beginning of the third quarter Steph and Klay came up to you and when you were sitting on the bench, and you guys talked for a bit about Kevin and his injury. I'm curious if you can share, one, anything that you guys were saying to each other between teams, and then, two, just like the emotions of being on the other team when all the air goes out of the building?
KYLE LOWRY: Man, I just asked if he was okay. That was it. And the emotions, I don't know what their emotions are down there, but like I say in this league it's a small brotherhood, and we don't want to ever see any of our fellow brothers go down.

Q. The Warriors hit 20 threes tonight. Is that just a case of them making shots or do you guys feel like you could have done more on the perimeter?
KYLE LOWRY: I think the fact that Steph and Klay were able to get off 14 and 13 threes is too many. They got off way too many threes. For guys like them, they're going to make -- you give them that many threes, they're going to make some. So we let them get too many threes off.

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