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June 10, 2019

Colton Parayko

St. Louis, Missouri - Practice Day

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What were your childhood dreams of Game 7?
COLTON PARAYKO: Just playing in one. Just different scenarios, playing on the pavement back home, playing on the ice, outdoor rink, playing with your buddies. Fun stuff.

Q. Did you win?
COLTON PARAYKO: Of course (laughter).

Q. Being in a Game 7, did that soften the blow a little bit from last night?
COLTON PARAYKO: I don't know. It's nice that we're here obviously in a Game 7. It's a good opportunity for our team and for everybody involved. Obviously yesterday would have been nice.

But we're still here and we have a chance to finish off now on Wednesday. That's what we're going to do. We're going to get past the last game, take the positives, just focus on Wednesday. We've been a good road team all Playoffs, all season long. We're confident. So that's good.

Q. Did you go home and think about it much? Did you park it quickly and move on?
COLTON PARAYKO: It's tough having to think about different games, especially in the Playoffs. I think we've done a good job as a group just taking games, putting them behind us when need to be, just focusing on the next one.

I think this is going to be like no other. We're going to do that, focus on Game 7. This is the biggest game of all our careers. It's going to be a fun one, one that we will never forget.

Q. Do you think you could be more physical? Chief was saying you need to do more your style. Do you see that?
COLTON PARAYKO: Yeah, in certain aspects, just making sure we continue on the forecheck, get pucks deep. Just make it hard on their defensemen, closing gaps quick in the D zone, be hard on them, tough on their forwards. Just a combination of things.

Yeah, I think that will be key.

Q. One or two things you think you need to do better?
COLTON PARAYKO: I thought we had a pretty good game actually overall. Obviously they scored a few quick ones in the third. Leading up to that, I thought we had a good game. We played a tight game. Scoring five-on-three is a tough one.

We played well five-on-five, I thought. We had our opportunities. Obviously respect to their goaltender for making some big saves. Obviously Binner made big saves when he had to, too. Those goalies were battling out. Impressive to watch. Yeah, we're looking forward to Game 7.

Q. How confident are you in Binner heading into Game 7?
COLTON PARAYKO: All the confidence we can have. He continues to do his thing every single game. He's unreal back there. Every single game he brings it, gives us a chance to win.

Q. Is the buildup the worst between now and then? Would you almost rather get going right away? What do you do between now and then?
COLTON PARAYKO: It's nice we have a couple days, especially with the travel. It's one of the things where you're kind of excited, just get the game going. Just go there, relax, maybe make sure we get the work we need to get done, get on the ice tomorrow, hopefully that will kind of make the day quicker. Game day is usually quick. Just try to relax with the guys, spend some time together, just get ready for the game.

Q. How much did you miss Barbashev last night?
COLTON PARAYKO: He's an important piece to our team. He brings a lot to the table. Gets in there hard, uses the body well. He obviously put the puck in the net. He has a lot of different aspects that make him really good.

Obviously it's tough when you're missing someone like that. We're looking forward to having him back.

Q. You've been so good on the road, but this is different. How do you keep the same approach knowing the magnitude of this particular game?
COLTON PARAYKO: Yeah, I think we just got to approach it the same as all road games right now. The way we played on the road, it's simple: we get pucks in deep, play the hockey that's hard to play against. When we do that, we're tough to beat.

I think we're going to focus on that, make sure we stay consistent with our game. If we do that, we'll give ourselves a good chance to win. I think that's what we should do.

Q. Considering what St. Louis was like yesterday, any advantage to being on the road, on your own in Boston?
COLTON PARAYKO: I don't know. I guess you could say that it's tough when you have a lot of things going on like that. It's also exciting to play in front of your home crowd. Our crowd was unreal yesterday. Obviously downtown, it was cool to be a part of that with them.

For us now, it's business as usual on the road. Just play our road game. I think if we do that, we'll make sure we give ourselves the best chance to win. Right now that's what we got to do.

Q. Strategically what's a way the Blues can create more offense in front of the net?
COLTON PARAYKO: I mean, there's different ways. You can really talk about it. Getting guys towards the net, pucks towards the net would be the simplest answer for that.

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