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June 10, 2019

Alex Pietrangelo

St. Louis, Missouri - Practice Day

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Anything at this stage you can do differently to make the power play better, or just have to go out and execute?
ALEX PIETRANGELO: Execute. Last night was a lot better, simplified getting pucks to the net, got some traffic. We had some pretty good looks. I probably should have scored on the one. Hit the post or whatever, so...

I think we had some simple shots last night, got some good looks last night.

Q. Are you embracing what's in front of you?
ALEX PIETRANGELO: I mean, you have to. You grew up dreaming about playing in the Stanley Cup Final, Game 7. It's what you talked about as a kid. It's a great opportunity. We've played well on the road so we're excited.

Q. Obviously you still got to do it, but do you take some confidence in the fact during the season and Playoffs you played well on the road?
ALEX PIETRANGELO: We feel comfortable on the road. We feel we played well, especially in the second half of the year. It's not an easy building to play in. Still got a job to do whether it's at home or on the road.

Q. How do you keep the same approach knowing the magnitude of this one, winner take all, nothing else after this?
ALEX PIETRANGELO: That's it, winner take all. It's one game. Get your mind ready because it's just one more game.

Q. Craig says he wants you to be more physical. Is that something you see, too, that you guys can do more?
ALEX PIETRANGELO: Yeah, I think especially early on, being in their building, it's something that we can certainly do. It's going to be effective. It worked for us here in the series. I expect a more physical game from both sides.

Q. Do you miss a guy like Barbs last night?
ALEX PIETRANGELO: Yeah. I think the way he's physical, too, being able to take guys off the puck, especially on the forecheck, making it difficult, is certainly something that he brings, an element that we're looking for to have him back tomorrow.

Q. Having Robert Thomas back, first game back after a while, that line in general?
ALEX PIETRANGELO: Yeah, that line's been great for us whenever they're together. Robby came in, brought some speed, some legs. Looked pretty good.

Q. Whether it's Robert or Sundqvist, you played some big games without some key figures. Is it nice going into 7 knowing that you got everybody available?
ALEX PIETRANGELO: Yeah, you never want to be missing players, especially guys that play big minutes in different situations. We're excited to look up and down the lineup and have everybody there.

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