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June 10, 2019

Mashrafe Mortaza

Bristol, Gloucestershire, UK

Q. Probably a very important match for Bangladesh. How is the mood in the camp after England, and realistically, do you expect to play a full game tomorrow?
MASHRAFE MORTAZA: Yeah, I hope we will play a full match tomorrow. I think the team is fine. Yes, disappointing after two losses, but especially against New Zealand, but no, this sort of tournament, we knew that before the ending, you're never sure, so still a lot of hope there. Boys really hungry to win matches, so team is fine. But again, expecting a full match.

Q. With Sri Lanka, it's 2-all from last year. You won two matches; they won two matches. How close is that value?
MASHRAFE MORTAZA: Look, depends for tomorrow matches, I think we should only focus on tomorrow's matches. Whatever happened past, I think we shouldn't think about it.

Like I said, England, even England matches, same question was asking that. We played twice there and what's going to happen. We lost badly.

So nothing going to work that way. We have to play and play hard, and try at our best to win the match, and we have to make sure that we are doing all -- everything right.

Q. Do you think the way your side played against South Africa and the way it's played in the other games this tournament, do you think your team is now being treated with more respect by the rest of the cricket world?
MASHRAFE MORTAZA: Depends. I think if you are asking me to answer, I'm not worried about who is respecting us or not. I'm more worried about our performance, and make sure we are winning these matches. That is more important for us. Respect, it depends. Respect is varies man-to-man, but I don't think so respect is going to work into the 22 yards. I think it all depends how we react on the crowd and how we play and if we can manage to win two points, it's more important than respect at the moment.

Q. And can I just ask, is everybody in your squad fit?
MASHRAFE MORTAZA: Look, from Ireland, there's niggles going on, a few niggles, but still we managed to play. You know, international cricket, some niggles will be there, and players are trying their best. So I'm not complaining at the moment. Yes, a few guys is going around, but hopefully they will be fine.

Q. Last edition, Bangladesh, first time they reached the quarterfinals of the World Cup, and most of the players who are there with you are today in this World Cup, as well. What is the goal that you set for yourself in this particular World Cup to achieve?
MASHRAFE MORTAZA: No, obviously if you're asking all ten captains this question, they will look through into the semis, which is honest call I think.

And also, it's not easy. It's not easy. Those are playing new, it's not easy, especially that condition. From Asia, maybe India, it's different, but other teams, we will have to play them at their best. So it's not going to be easy, but obviously love to see ourselves in the semis, but again, the calculation is right now is a lot, lot difficult. If we could manage to win one of those matches from New Zealand or England, it could have been a lot easier. But at the moment, it's very -- looks to be very difficult. But again, I say it's possible. It's very much possible. We have to make sure that we have to come back into the winning track and then have a look what happens next.

Q. This is the game probably Bangladesh will start the favourite. Do you feel any pressure in this game because it's kind of a must-win game for Bangladesh?
MASHRAFE MORTAZA: Look, what I'm thinking, that even New Zealand match, even England match, people -- I'm not sure that what people was thinking. We are expecting to win. Especially New Zealand match, we thought that we could win, because against South Africa when we win, our concentration level, our confidence level was so high that we can beat New Zealand, but Saturday, we couldn't. I think pressure will be there every matches. Even Sri Lanka next match, all the matches especially will come. So I think it's possible. Pressure will be there. I don't want to say there is no pressure; 100 percent, pressure will be there. But at the same time, I have to say that we have to cope with those pressure and make sure we deliver. A few things can happen, go away from us, but we have to make sure the end of the day, we are in the winning side. That's what we have to -- from the first ball, that's what we have to target on.

Q. Can you just talk a bit about your own role in the team? In the games where you can't finish your overs, your spell, do you think the pressure kind of transfers to the other bowlers when you don't finish your spell, and I mean, how do they deal with that then?
MASHRAFE MORTAZA: I think there are so many times where I didn't finish my overs in the last four or five years I'm in captaincy. It's all about who is doing well at the middle and the right time. Last two matches, Mosaddek -- first two matches, Mosaddek was doing a decent job for the team. That was the main focus. Next, last match, I was doing my job. So it just depends who is doing well on that particular time. That is the main point behind.

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