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June 10, 2019

Torey Krug

St. Louis, Missouri - Practice Day

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. As a group, what allows you to stay so consistent?
TOREY KRUG: Veteran leadership, it's a big part of it. Collectively as a group, we've been able to accept all the circumstances. Regardless of what's in front of us, we accept what's happened, put it behind us, then we move forward.

That's the mentality of this team. That's why we've been resilient all season, not just in the Playoffs.

Q. Every motivation in front of you, but how did you feel when you saw the Blues parade plans, when you see that in front of you?
TOREY KRUG: Yeah, I mean, you never want to get too far ahead of yourself, right? You want to stay in the moment. All you control is that game right in front of you. If you don't win, you don't get to have any of that.

Obviously that's my motivation right there. Now we have another job to do.

Q. Heard a little bit about the speech that Patrice gave. Describe the level of respect, why he is respected in that room so much?
TOREY KRUG: It's tough to describe. When he talks, everyone listens. He shows up for big moments, he's able to perform. He's an elite hockey player, but unbelievable person, great friend, unbelievable teammate.

Any time a guy like that speaks up, you listen. Obviously a huge motivating factor, got the guys going for sure.

Q. When did you become aware of the Blues parade stuff and all that? Was it before the game? Anything said about that in addition to what Patrice said?
TOREY KRUG: No, it wasn't talked about.

Q. Yet you guys knew about it?
TOREY KRUG: Yeah, because it was everywhere.

Q. How is the experience going with your wife? What is her due date? How has it been managing both?
TOREY KRUG: She's due in just over a week. She's getting a little nervous here. It's been fun. I mean, to be honest, family is the most important thing in this world, for sure. It's kind of allowed me to relax and just play hockey.

Obviously worried and excited and nervous, all that comes with your first kid. Showing up at the rink, do my job, playing hockey without too much stress.

Q. What is it about Brandon Carlo's personality that's allowed him to do so well in his first Playoffs? What advice have you had for him?
TOREY KRUG: There's a lot of things that Brandon brings to the table. His personality is a big reason why he can go out and play without worrying too much. He's a guy that shows up and works hard. He's got guys in front of him that have showed him that way, whether it's Kevan Miller, Adam McQuaid from years past. They've laid that foundation for him where he shows up, works hard, keeps his mouth shut, goes about his business.

I think with him, it's always about being assertive, wanting the puck, wanting to make plays with the puck. That's just something that I tried to enforce.

Q. Karson Kuhlman being able to come in last night and do what he did, what does it say about him, make such an impact after not playing for more than a month?
TOREY KRUG: That's the type of people you want in the locker room, that we've had in the locker room for a long time. He's another guy that stepped in and put the Bruins sweater on and showed up in a big moment. He obviously brought it last night. We're all comfortable with whoever steps in the lineup. He brought it.

Q. There might have been some nervous energy in the building last night. Moving forward to Boston, it's going to be similar. How do you make sure you stay level?
TOREY KRUG: To be honest, there's never been a Game 7 in Boston in the Final, right? I would say lean on past experience with that, but there is none. There is experience from guys that have played in Game 7 in Vancouver.

It's tough. It's the most exciting game in all of our lives. I think whoever maintains their composure and discipline within their system, how they play, how they approach the game, is probably going to prevail.

I think we have a really disciplined group, led by some great people. We're all pulling for each other. I think that's how we do it.

Q. You mentioned Kevan Miller. Obviously you know what it's like to be out. How do you keep guys like Kevan, Chris involved, part of this ride you guys are on now?
TOREY KRUG: Through text chains, different things like that. We obviously see him when we're at home. Chris Wagner has been on the road with us, he's been able to travel, but Kevan not so much.

We're all pulling for each other. We love each other. What Kevan has done for this team has not gone unnoticed. When you care about someone so much, they're not able to perform at the level that they want, be here with us, we feel for them.

He's a big part of this team like everyone else is.

Q. With the winner-take-all nature of Game 7, what are the next three days like for you with your family and situation at home, staying connected to the game?
TOREY KRUG: There won't be much, to be honest. My wife will be not moving around too much. Extended family has gotten the message to steer clear. I think that's the approach that a lot of us will have.

We don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves. It's about staying in the moment, playing this next game, just doing whatever it takes to be selfish. You don't want to have any regrets. You prepare like you do for every other game, try to convince yourself that it is another game, play to your potential.

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