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May 27, 2019

Caroline Wozniacki

Paris, France


0-6, 6-3, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English, please.

Q. Apart from the result which is obviously disappointing, can you explain to us how you felt on court and how you think your level of game was compared to your expectations coming into this tournament?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: I don't know. I think I played really well in the first set. I played aggressive. I played the way I wanted to play. And then I think she got very lucky in the start of the second set and kind of, you know, took advantage of the opportunities she got.

And then, yeah, I think I just lost a little steam in the end and I made some unforced errors that I normally don't do, so that was very frustrating. And, yeah, it is what it is. I haven't had the best lead-up to this tournament, which also has been frustrating.

But, yeah, right now there's nothing I can do about it, so...

Q. You mentioned briefly there that the buildup has been difficult for you. Can you just tell us briefly about the challenges that you have faced?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: Yeah. Obviously I had a calf injury, so I hadn't really been able to play or practice for some weeks, and then played my first points a couple of days ago and then just went from there basically.

Q. Is it this lack that you're talking about that lead you to lose the thread of your match after winning the first set 6-Love?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: I think you just try your best out there. And it definitely wasn't the best match I've ever played. So, you know, I definitely think, you know, I made some unforced errors I shouldn't have and then didn't take the chances I had in the second set. And she had a few net calls and a few good shots in some of the important points in the beginning of that second set.

Q. I know you've had the calf injury but obviously the big problems you've had is with your arthritis. Can you just talk a little bit about how that really hampers you in getting ready for tournaments or if it does? I know you said sometimes it's tough to get up in the morning and at times it's good. Just tell us about the condition and how it makes you feel when you're on court.
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: Well, you know, lately I've been feeling good with that, so when I feel good there's -- you know, I just do what I normally do and just go through every day and work hard.

But lately it's just been my calf, which is nothing to do with the other thing. And sometimes you're just unlucky as an athlete. You know, you get hurt, you get injured, and you just have to try to work through that.

Q. Do you believe your injury is going to allow you to train the way you would like to in the next 7 to 10 days in getting ready for the grass swing?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: Yeah, my calf now feels good, so that's a positive. And I'm definitely going to go back and just practice and work hard and get ready for the grass season.

Q. You're a grand champion and you're very competitive so how frustrating is it when your mind is telling you to do one thing and you are desperate to win but your body won't always allow you to do that? Is there a battle that you then face on the court with yourself?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: Yes, definitely frustrating. You know, you want to win, you're competitive, you work hard, and you want to see results.

So, you know, it hasn't been a great year for me so far. And I'm just going to try and work hard and try to turn that around. Right now there's not much I can do about the first six months of the season. I had some good weeks where I felt great, and then I've had some weeks where I've been sick and some weeks where I've been injured.

So I just have to try and stay positive, and obviously it's not as easy to stay positive when things aren't going your way, but I think that's when you really need to and you need to just keep grinding.

Q. We know you are a big Liverpool FC football fan. You would rather be at Roland Garros but might you get the opportunity to go to Madrid and watch the Champions League final?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: You know what? I actually haven't thought about that yet. Most likely I'll watch it at home, but I'll definitely be supporting them.

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