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May 27, 2019

Alize Cornet

Paris, France

V. KUZMOVA/A. Cornet

6-4, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. Did your recent problems in your adductor have an impact on your match?
ALIZE CORNET: I didn't have any problem in this respect during the match. I could play without any fear or without being bothered, but then it's during the preparation of Roland Garros I was not able to do exactly what I wanted.

So I could have been a bit more ready today, but I don't think that in the end it would have changed a result of the match. I would have liked to have a few days of practice more, to be more ready, because I only played points over the last two days, so it was a bit short.

She played very well, so it doesn't diminish her performance. So it's difficult to say.

Q. You had occasions to come back in the match in the first and second set. Do you regret?
ALIZE CORNET: Yes, of course. 5-2 I come back to 5-4. I have 4-1 I could come back to 4-4. She played very well. She served very well. And the few opportunities I had I had difficulty in winning. So maybe I lacked a bit of boldness. Maybe she played very well.

So of course when you come back to the score, it's a different match. So I would have liked to see what it would have been to come back and not chase the score as I did during the entire match.

Q. Can you talk about your experience on this court and the fact of playing your 50th Grand Slam in a row, which is something?
ALIZE CORNET: I have so many critics on the networks, social networks, and people are so mean. 50th Grand Slam in a row and never a quarterfinal, which is ridiculous, because I do my best. I do what I can.

So I don't want to talk about that, actually. It's cool, but I have the impression that it's more a source of hatred rather than something else.

But with respect to the court, I really loved this moment on the court. The audience was fantastic. I did my best. I gave everything. The court is very pleasant.

I think it will suddenly become my favorite court in Roland. It's a pity I started my adventure with a defeat on this court, but hopefully I will have occasion of playing again, and they did beautiful work with this incredible court.

Q. In 2005 you won a match in Roland Garros and now Diane Parry is the youngest to win after you. So a bit older than you. Do you know her? Do you have a piece of advice for her?
ALIZE CORNET: I didn't know she had won. Fantastic for her. It's great.

It's amazing. The path is long. She has to carry on. She knows what she has to do. She has great coaches. We both have different trajectories. We have to try to flourish as best as we can in our profession.

It's nice to have an early French player. After Fiona Ferro, it's good to see new heads coming on the circuit.

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