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May 27, 2019

Johanna Konta

Paris, France

J. KONTA/A. Lottner

6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. That's one conversation we don't have to have anymore, Jo.
JOHANNA KONTA: What's that? Which is that? We have had many on repeat.

Q. You don't know which one I'm talking about?
JOHANNA KONTA: Well, I assume that I won my first round here, right?

Q. Yeah.
JOHANNA KONTA: Good. Yeah. I mean, pleased to have come through that, yeah.

Q. No special extra pleasure to have got on the board at Roland Garros than any other match?
JOHANNA KONTA: No, I think it was a bigger deal to you guys than it was to me, to be honest.

But, I mean, obviously I'm pleased to have come through that match. It's nice to have won a main-draw match here. That's obviously nice. But I didn't really look at it too much like that. I think I was just, more than anything, happy to have dealt with the challenges of today.

And she was a tricky player to play. And, yeah, overall just pleased to have come through.

Q. Could you just talk about what you were distracted about in the first game? You spoke to the umpire. You seemed to be distracted. You lost your first game. After your first game, you hit the ace, lost your game and then you spoke to the umpire about something.
JOHANNA KONTA: Oh, no. I was asking where the player box was. I didn't know where Dimitri and Jackson were sitting, so I was asking for the player box. Which he didn't know where it was but then I saw them because he was wearing a bright yellow top, so easy enough.

Q. Just referring to that, you wanted to know where they were for what reason? So that you could sort of draw something from their presence there?
JOHANNA KONTA: Well, I mean, most players I would think, you always look to see where your team is. Yeah, mainly to look at them for support or just so I knew where they were. Yeah.

Q. What were you particularly happy with in that match? Anything you maybe feel you need to improve for the next one?
JOHANNA KONTA: I think more than anything, I was just pleased with how I was able to just handle the challenges. I mean, against her, there wasn't much rhythm in the match. I think that presents its own type of rhythm and own type of challenge. I was just happy that I was able to just really, yeah, stay calm through that.

And also when I found myself in tricky situations or break points down or points where the match could have swung either way, I thought I stayed quite calm. And I think just trusted myself enough to be able to handle whatever was going to come.

Q. It would appear that things are going quite well with this relatively new coach, Dimitri. What is it that's sort of good about him and sort of helping you click in some areas?
JOHANNA KONTA: I mean, I'd like to think he doesn't have the title of a new coach anymore. We have been together for a little over half a year now. Yeah, since October, end of October last year. So it's been a little bit of time.

Like I have said, I'm just really enjoying the work that we are doing. I really bought into his philosophy and his vision because it's something that I see for myself, as well.

So I think when you're able to work with whoever is in your team quite harmoniously like that, I think that always, whether people agree with the direction or not, that always helps with just being on the same page and I think makes things more productive.

I'm just overall happy with the work we are doing all together.

Q. What is his philosophy?

Q. Philosophy that you're referring to.
JOHANNA KONTA: I think what I have said previously, what even he said now, just giving me the freedom and the space to express myself on court, to just be a bit more autonomous. Yeah, I think it's a combination of that.

Q. We know you really enjoy baking. Do you think that your form on clay this season is a bit like that cake, in that you know all the ingredients but you haven't always known in the past how to put them together but now you're finding the perfect ingredients to bake the perfect cake?
JOHANNA KONTA: I really appreciate your question, because that is probably the most creative question I have heard in a while. So thank you (smiling).

To be honest, with baking, there is a recipe. So I have generally found that's actually rarely the baker, it's mostly the recipe. If the recipe is wrong, then the cake is probably going to be wrong. It's not always your fault. Equally in terms, as well, sometimes the recipe is wrong and it's not your fault either, I guess.

But I think I have never doubted my ability on the surface. I think there was certain work that I needed to put in, certain things that needed to happen for it to I guess go my way a little bit, I guess. But I'm definitely pleased to be playing at the level I'm playing at. Obviously it's nice it's happening over the clay this year.

But, yeah, I'm generally just pleased with the work that I'm doing.

Q. Lauren Davis. I think you played her three times...
JOHANNA KONTA: Is that who I play next?

Q. Yeah. It's a very long time since you did. I think it's 2012, last time you played her. I don't think you've actually played her on the WTA Tour. What do you remember about that, or what do you know about her or her game?
JOHANNA KONTA: Yeah, I'm not very good at remembering matches in the past, but I actually remember where I played her. I think it was in Rancho Mirage or something like that.

Q. Three times, actually.
JOHANNA KONTA: That's the last I remember playing her. But, yeah, I mean, she's a very good competitor, very good mover, very good, yeah, very good opponent to have, I think. I mean, I haven't thought about it. I literally just found out from you who I'm playing.

Yeah, not much really to say yet.

Q. Lauren is considerably shorter than you, almost a foot. I wonder if that would have a difference in the game and the impact that you would have on your serve?
JOHANNA KONTA: Um, no, not particularly. I mean, there is plenty of girls who are on the shorter side on tour still, so no, I don't think that will have any specific impact.

Q. If you had to put your finger on one thing that's helped you win so many games so far this season on clay, what would be that one big thing that has helped you the most?
JOHANNA KONTA: One thing (smiling)? I mean, like always, it's a combination of things, but if anything, I think having acceptance this year. I thought I have been practicing that well in the matches that I'm playing.

I think I'm accepting when there is longer points, accepting when there is shorter points. I think just generally not trying to really force something to happen. I think I'm just a bit more malleable, accepting in what's happening in matches.

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