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May 27, 2019

Richard Gasquet

Paris, France

R. GASQUET/M. Zverev

6-3, 6-4, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. Was that an ideal opponent to start with and an ideal match?
RICHARD GASQUET: When you're not a seeded player anything can happen. You can play a wildcard, a qualified player, or Nadal or Djokovic. It's all in the draw. So right from the start I knew the match was playable. And afterwards, of course I have questions regarding my physical level.

But I'm happy that I won and that I was able to win this match, to play matches, and now I see that day after day it's coming better and better. I'm happy for me that I have a normal draw, first round, with my reach. But I have only been replaying in tournaments for three weeks. I'm very happy. Although I'm not at my best level but I'm happy to have won this match and I want to enjoy it.

Q. Do you feel capable of having several matches of three, four, five sets?
RICHARD GASQUET: I'll do my best. Game after game, I'll be ready on Wednesday. I didn't have too many efforts today. It was tougher in Lyon last week, and I'll try to do my best to go as far as possible. I have been replaying for three weeks and I had stopped for six months, so already I'm very happy for that.

Q. What is toughest after a match? Is it the day after?
RICHARD GASQUET: Impossible to move. When it's been six months you haven't played and you play a match with a lot of stress and you want to win, muscles react very poorly. And that's what happened for three or four days I had pain. But this match was very positive for now because I was able to serve, and the shoulder was more ready. The back also.

So you have to play at very high level to understand these things. You need time. Going left and right, you have to be very, very strong physically to hold the fort up against players playing high tennis. And this match was very tough in the days after, but it was very important to have a good draw at that time.

Q. Do you know this Argentinian in the top 100 who has just entered, a specialist in clay?
RICHARD GASQUET: No, there are a few players that might have appeared while I was out of the courts, so I was looking at the draw. I didn't expect to see players that are at this level. So when you stop, you don't really follow everything, so I imagine he's an Argentinian playing from the back of the court. It's going to be long rallies so it's going to be tough. I have nothing to lose. I'm happy to be here. I will try to recover well, and to go on to the next match.

The process is always the same. It's important to continue like that, and it's going well for now.

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