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May 27, 2019

Gilles Simon

Paris, France

G. SIMON/S. Stakhovsky

6-3, 6-3, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French, please.

Q. Did you have fun on the court today?
GILLES SIMON: Did I have fun? Towards the end I did during the third set. I was very tense during the first set. I didn't have a lot of bearings. I had a lot of uncertainties and concerns.

I needed some time to get in the match. I needed Bernard to finish his speech, to wrap up his speech on Lenglen. I needed some time.

And then I won the first set without playing very well. Then things improved as the match evolved. And at the end, it was good.

Q. Is it the type of match where you have -- you can have a lot of pleasure because you can actually have rallies with someone who is eclectic?
GILLES SIMON: I need to feel good on court to have fun. I need to -- how shall I put it? I need to be court focused and not to ask myself questions. Does my knee hurt? Does my back hurt? Is the ball in?

I need the match to proceed smoothly, and this is also connected with the result and my success, of course. But that's the first thing. I need to feel good, free. I need to know that I can do such-and-such thing on court. That didn't happen at first because I had a lot of stress. We want to do well. We don't do enough. We do too much. And then I managed to get in the rhythm during the middle of the third set.

Q. The court was overcrowded. Is there a specific atmosphere? We actually needed half an hour to get in court.
GILLES SIMON: There's not a lot of seats. I would have liked to play on a bigger court.

But it's also pleasant when you get in to see such a crowd, to feel the cheers of the crowd. That actually upset my opponent because the opponent said, Oh, my God, there's a lot of the noise here.

But it's not the most pleasant court, Court No. 7, because there's a lot of noise around. The mic on Lenglen especially we hear. Too much was going on in Lenglen nearby. But that's it.

It was a wonderful atmosphere.

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