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May 27, 2019

Guido Pella

Paris, France

G. PELLA/G. Andreozzi

7-6, 6-4, 1-6, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English, please.

Q. I read the article today on the ATPWorldTour.dotcom about your work with the sports psychologist and how much it's helping you. Can you say that that is the single biggest reason for this immense success you've had all season?
GUIDO PELLA: No, no. It's not the only one for sure. Tennis is about doing more things that can make the difference. But I think it's a very big part of my improvement this year.

And, yeah, I think it was a good achievement for me. Because last year, I didn't find the right way to play, the right way to be focused the most part of the year. And I think after the Australian Open I started to play much better and started to be more focused. And I think that that was the key to be here in my best ranking, to playing my best tennis, and, yeah, I think that's it.

Q. If I could follow on that then, besides the psychological parts of the game that are freeing you up, is there any other element of your game that you feel you have improved significantly this year in order to get you -- you're the ATP win leader on clay, you got your first title, which was immense. Are there elements, forehand, backhand, anything like that, that you're doing better?
GUIDO PELLA: Well, yeah, about the psychology thing, I'm doing it because last year I thought that I was losing my mind with tennis. It's not easy to be here so many years and you start to feel that you're really crazy, you know? Not just with yourself, but with your family, your friends. I was having a very hard time with them every time that I went back to my city, so I started for that also. And, yeah, that improved my game.

And after that, I think, yeah, my tennis is much more aggressive than maybe in previous years. My forehand is working really good. I'm serving much better than, you know, maybe in the past years.

But like I said, it's all about the confidence, you know? I'm very confident right now. I know that I can lose against anyone, but I can win against anyone. So that's a very good feeling for me and for my game.

Q. The heartbreaking game in Cordoba, being able to come back so quickly and finally get that first title, how big was that for you now as you move ahead and keep playing this great the tennis?
GUIDO PELLA: Well, for me it was massive, because people didn't understand what I wanted to say about the title, you know? It's not just the title.

I don't want to lose finals. And in Futures I think I lost two or three. In Challengers I lost two. So in ATP, to lose the first four, it was very bad news for me.

So I knew that if I was able to manage to win my first title, my game was going to improve a lot just because it was like a backpack on me. And after Sao Paulo, I think that backpack is gone.

So I'm feeling much relaxed. I'm playing much better, and I think people can notice that. So that makes me really happy.

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