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May 28, 2019

Bernard Tomic

Paris, France

T. FRITZ/B. Tomic

6-1, 6-4, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Were you at your best out there today or was it the surface or the weather or a combination? What were the factors?
BERNARD TOMIC: Well, I didn't play good.

Q. What was the exchange with the officials in the second set there?
BERNARD TOMIC: I can't remember.

Q. Just talk about playing on the clay for you. Obviously it wasn't the result you wanted today but just talk about in general, it hasn't been the best year on clay. What do you think of playing on clay? I know a lot of players love it. A lot hate it. What are your thoughts on it?
BERNARD TOMIC: Not for me.

Q. Just as a follow-up to that, Nick said that he didn't like the French at all.

Q. Agree with him?

Q. In what aspect?
BERNARD TOMIC: I said, I agree. You know everything.

Q. What happened at the end there on that match point? Did you think that serve was in, did you?
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, I thought the match was over, but... Thought it would be nice to give him the point because that's how I felt. But it's okay. We replayed it.

Q. What's your plans now?
BERNARD TOMIC: I go to the hotel.

Q. You are obviously coming from Australia which is a country great for tennis and a legendary country. So what kind of inspiration did you get when you grew up from Laver, from Newcombe, from Roche, from all these names?
BERNARD TOMIC: Hardly any because I didn't watch them.

Q. No, you didn't watch them but they're still a big part of Australian tennis life.

Q. As coaches.

Q. Did they have any influence on your forming as a player?
BERNARD TOMIC: For me, no.

Q. So you never came across them or --
BERNARD TOMIC: Oh, yeah, I did, but I didn't grow up and watch them.

Q. But inspiration can also be from talking, from --
BERNARD TOMIC: Oh, yeah. My idols are not in tennis. Don't worry.

Q. Okay. But how big a part of the tennis world do you think they are? I mean, where do you place them?
BERNARD TOMIC: I can't answer that. It's not for me to answer. They're legends, but I cannot speak. I can't answer this question.

Q. Did you feel that you gave your best effort out there today?
BERNARD TOMIC: Pretty sure I did. But, you know, surface is not good for me.

Q. So where to next for you? What's the next event?
BERNARD TOMIC: Honestly I have no clue. I go to the hotel and see. I have no idea where I'm playing. I have no idea.

Q. Why is this such a difficult tournament for you?
BERNARD TOMIC: I mean, it's not difficult. It's just my game is not built for this surface. Everything I do is not good for it.

But as long as I'm doing the right thing now, for the next month, is important for me. That's my focus.

Q. Has there been any discussion with anybody further to the Davis Cup situation? Have you had any discussions with anyone? Anybody reached out? Has your team reached out to anybody?
BERNARD TOMIC: To be honest, no. And haven't even thought about it since January, so no.

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