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May 28, 2019

Fabio Fognini

Paris, France


6-3, 6-0, 3-6, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English, please.

Q. There are more and more Italian players in the top now. Does playing another Italian in the first round, does it feel less surprising or more common these days?
FABIO FOGNINI: It's always tough. Tough because, of course, we know each other really well. But, you know, I'm happy. Happy because I think I played great tennis, especially the first set was really tough. And then the second -- I mean, the level was really high, and I think Seppi was not able to do more than that. And then the third one he start to play again really good.

Always tough, especially, as I say, because it's really good friend of mine. It's always difficult, especially mentally, to play against Italian friend.

Q. Your attitude in this tournament coming in as No. 9 seed this time, winning Monte-Carlo, does it feel different this time? Do you feel you have a different purpose and different possibility here?
FABIO FOGNINI: I am what I am (smiling). I mean, I still the same, like always.

Well, of course, I have to be honest, I just came here in the best moment of my career, because of course be seeded No. 9, it's never easy. But at the same time, you know, I'm one of the 128 in the draw that they want to do well, especially in this tournament, because is my best one.

But at the same time, you know, I know that it's difficult, is tough. I have really tough second round. So just focus on that.

Q. I saw after you lost in Rome, you had some comments about the tournament after. I'm curious how you think about that tournament and how the Federation is running it. Because there were a lot of complaints from other players, as well.
FABIO FOGNINI: Right now I have nothing to say, because they give me fine (smiling).

I was really hot at the moment, of course, because I was not feeling good and played two matches at the time. That time was not help my body.

The second thing is that I spoke with the tournament director right after, and, you know, sometimes when you're like that, you do something that maybe most of the players thinking, but in the wrong way. So I will just say that.

I was really angry of course because I was losing, because I was earning every week something -- not bad, but something not really good. Of course, I'm Italian, and our tournament, I think, is one of the best in the world: Location and everything, food, whatever, that when you come to Italy. So I was angry.

Q. How much was your fine?
FABIO FOGNINI: I mean, you should ask, although it was peanuts (smiling).

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