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May 30, 2019

Gilles Simon

Paris, France

S. CARUSO/G. Simon

6-1, 6-2, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French, please.

Q. I guess you're disappointed with this loss.
GILLES SIMON: It was not the match that I hoped to do.

Q. In the third set we imagined that you could actually dictate the rallies and continue for the long-run. What happened?
GILLES SIMON: A lot of things happened. It was hard for me to believe it. During the third set, I was not satisfied with what I was doing on court. He was more confident, he had the momentum, and this is what is the key to success in such crucial times.

Q. For several weeks now you have had some physical problems. Did you feel something that bothered you today or was it something else?
GILLES SIMON: No. Today it was a matter of mental preparation. I didn't manage to play. It was that simple, and this is why it is so disappointing.

I made a lot of efforts to be fit. During practice, I was hitting the ball well. I had all the weapons for today. This is why this is so disappointing.

I fell in my own traps and I never managed to get out of them all throughout the match. I didn't manage to get out of this mindset, and this is why it's so nerving.

Q. What difficulties did you have exactly?
GILLES SIMON: Everything and nothing at once. He's a very good player. This is why it's so sad.

We start with a tight first game. Tried to play more loose but it's our first game. I have breakpoints or not. He managed to be looser for the first two. But then when we're down 3-0, he played well. He's in his areas. He plays strong.

And it's up to me then to find a way to change the situation, but I didn't manage to forget about the score, and this is why it's unforgettable. He just had to follow his path.

I knew I could do better and require from him to do better, as well, to level up his game, but we will never know because throughout all the match I never managed at any point to forget about the score and to focus on tactics, on finding solutions, offering something else.

And I was in that rhythm all the match, and this is why he was always in front of me.

Q. Is it tension or was your mind completely boggled with issues?
GILLES SIMON: I just wanted to do well. But this is something that can happen like against Oscar Hernandez. But then when it happens to you 15 years after, it's more difficult to manage that.

So twice being in such traps is not motivating for the future. It's quite depressing, actually.

Q. You went down in the ranking but then you went up again and you managed to be a seeded player. How do you see your ranking in the future?
GILLES SIMON: I have no idea. After such a match, I just want to go home, which will not take too much time for me because I live 500 meters away from here.

The match has just finished, and this is what I always wonder. I have the right to be afraid to lose, but I don't have the right not to play. And today, I did not play. Under no circumstances, at no time, did I play to have -- did I manage to have three, four points in a row. This is why this was unacceptable for me.

I just want to go home right now and think about nothing.

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