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May 31, 2019

Laslo Djere

Paris, France


6-4, 6-7, 6-3, 4-6, 8-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English, please.

Q. You were three up, two break up in the final set. So looking back that match, did you have any regrets? You are so close to victory.
LASLO DJERE: No regrets because I did the right things on the court, I think. It hurts for sure, and I'm a bit disappointed. But also in the past, many times I came back from bad situations and when I was down a lot.

So, yeah, today he did it. It's not nice feeling to lose after such big -- such a long match that way. But, yeah, I feel that I left everything out on the court what I had.

So, yeah, at least that gives me some -- you know, it makes it easier.

Q. What was the key point to decide this match?
LASLO DJERE: A few points. Really, like, small things. He started really strong in the first set. He was hitting the ball extremely well.

And in the second set also I was down 4-1, and he had some set points. I managed to get that set. And after, as the time was passing, I felt more and more confident. He was not as sharp as at the beginning. I started to play better, not just running around and defending.

And, yeah, at the end we played at similar level. And I think, you know, just really small things decided today. And also his experience for sure helped him, so yeah.

Q. Do you think that after you lead 3-0 in the fifth set, did you think about your mindset changes? Maybe you get a little bit tired or nervous or maybe becoming a little bit passive or something like that?
LASLO DJERE: No. When he came back and it was 4-All, I was not thinking about what happened and that I had 3-0. I just tried to focus on every next point and to stay in the present, not to think about the past. I think I did it quite well.

And, yeah, at the end, he was just better. I was a bit more tired, I think.

Yeah, he was serving good. I couldn't really do anything on his service games after that. So I think he deserved to win.

Q. And maybe this is the first time for you to play fifth set, is that right?

Q. So do you think that eventually that kind of differences of experience affects, you know, the match?
LASLO DJERE: It was, yeah, a new experience and a bit different what I am used to. But, yeah, I felt good. I played almost like -- actually, four and a half hours. I felt good.

So, yeah, this one give me some confidence also to the future that I can play these long matches, and especially against a guy like Kei, a top 10 guy.

So, yeah, it will mean a lot in the future just knowing that I can play a best of five against the top guys and, you know, to be there in the match and have some chances and opportunities.

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