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June 1, 2019

Fabio Fognini

Paris, France

F. FOGNINI/R. Bautista Agut

7-6, 6-4, 4-6, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English, please.

Q. Three-hour match today. How do you feel physically and with your ankle?
FABIO FOGNINI: I'm tired at the moment, but I think it's normal. Now, I mean, I feel some pain, of course, but I hope that it's nothing serious.

Q. (Off microphone.)
FABIO FOGNINI: At the moment, no. But after three hours -- we play one set, one hour 15 minutes. So I think was really long with that other rally.

And at the moment, yes, I'm tired. I feel some pain, but I have more than one day to recover. Hopefully that is nothing serious and try to recover as best I can.

Q. I saw a lot of Italian player coming, young Italian player coming on the tour. Do you know if something change with the Italian Federation to add them?
FABIO FOGNINI: I don't know. That's not a question that I probably can answer.

I hope that more Italian we are, I think is better. I mean, now I'm 32. Giuseppe is 35. Bolelli is 34. And we have few junior that are growing up, hopefully fast, because -- one is Musetti. The other one is Sinner. And hopefully they going to be here as soon as they can. But I think you have to do step by step, of course.

And I think they have high level to play Challenger at the moment, to win a Challenger, because one of them win a Challenger. And, you know, I think in every step is important for their career. Hopefully I wish them to growing up faster, but -- and that's it.

But, you know, I think also that it's really tough, the career, I mean, with a lot of up and down. So they have to be ready. That's the first thing.

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