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June 1, 2019

Antoine Hoang

Paris, France


6-3, 6-2, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. How does it feel to be through to the fourth round?
ANTOINE HOANG: I think it's -- I don't know. Is the first time I play for the fourth round in a Grand Slam, so I'm very happy for all the week I did here. A little disappointed about the match of today, but I think I have to remember from where -- I have to remember the good thing I did the days before, and, yeah, remember it to continue to progress and everything.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. This morning you warmed up on this center court. Did this help you feel the court for your match against Gaël?
ANTOINE HOANG: Yes, that was the idea. But did it help me? I can't tell you, really. It's rather strange to play on such a large court. Maybe it was a bit difficult to adapt, but as I was saying, it's a great experience for me. Not many players with my ranking have had the possibility of playing on this court, and I take this as a good experience for the coming years. If I ever have to play here again I will feel better.

The fact that I was playing against another French player was not easy, either.

But it's part of the learning experience, and if I play well and I can play in many other French Opens, I'll know how to use this.

Q. We felt you were maybe nervous because of the environment, playing against Gaël, the repetition of events.
ANTOINE HOANG: Yes. Each match took some juice out of me, both mentally and physically. Gaël plays with a lot of intensity in his shots. He is extremely mobile, and you have to be careful that you obviously have to integrate all this in a match like this.

It was a very complicated match for me today. I tried to hang on until the end with a lot of difficulties. I called the doctor at one point, because I didn't feel very good.

It's true that for the public I wish I could have resisted more and fought more, but I gave everything I had. And not for nothing is he ranking as he ranks, and not for nothing do I have my rank. I still have to improve. I know where I come from.

So today there was a difference in level, in tennis level, but I'll have to work to close the gap.

Q. At 5-2 in the second set, you had the doctor with you and the physio. What was it? You were tired? You felt dizzy?
ANTOINE HOANG: Yes, a bit of everything. I had trouble watching the ball, seeing the ball, and I was trembling a little bit. So I didn't feel good, which is the reason why I called the doctor.

But I'm not sick or anything. It was the heat and the tension, I guess.

Q. What impressed you more in Gaël?
ANTOINE HOANG: I would say the quality of his shots. The balls come out really strongly. Maybe I was slower than the previous days but very often I didn't feel at ease with his shots. I had trouble imposing my game and going up to the net.

This bothered me. And then the way in which he covers the whole court. And the quality of his serve, as well, very good second shot, which I had trouble controlling. So he blocked all of my weapons today.

Q. In practice, what comes next for you?
ANTOINE HOANG: Well, I'll go home and I will indeed celebrate this week, which was great for me. It's the first time I go through such an experience. So you have to be able to enjoy such moments.

Then I'll rest, because the preparation, the training, everything that took place this week took a lot of juice from me and a lot of influx, and then maybe I will play on grass, which maybe is a surface which is better for my game. But I shouldn't have too many expectations. It's not because I played well here that I'll play well on grass. I'll have to adapt to that new surface.

Every time you have to adapt, you have to accept playing maybe not so well in order to reconstruct your game level.

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