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June 4, 2019

Petra Martic

Paris, France


7-6, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. It was a very close match the whole way through, but it seemed like it swung a lot late in that second set when you were up Love-40 and she started making a lot of shots. Curious what you saw change there?
PETRA MARTIC: You mean the first set?

Q. First set, yes.
PETRA MARTIC: Yeah, I also feel like the momentum somehow changed. I felt like I was there, and then in three minutes I was all of a sudden down 3-Love. I don't even know how. I don't know what happened.

I don't think I played bad when I had those three set points or that I did something wrong. Like, yeah, okay, I mishit one return. She hit an ace.

Bad luck. It's tennis I think more than anything else.

Q. How do you process that match? It seemed like the level was good from what you were trying to execute. You fought incredibly hard towards the end and threw the kitchen sink at her in a lot of ways and she did the same. So how do you kind of work through and process how that match turned out?
PETRA MARTIC: It's hard. I don't know. I still can't make up my mind. I don't know if I'm happy, sad, angry, disappointed, depressed. I think I'm all of it right now.

I mean, I really fought as hard as I could. I think from the first match here until the last points today I really, yeah, I left it all. From that point of view, I'm really proud of myself and proud of this tournament.

But of course with her, to be in the quarterfinals, and, you know, to lose so close, I felt like I had a chance, but today it wasn't meant to be on my side.

Q. She has a bit of a unique style, the flat backhand, the kind of loopy forehand, the drop shots, the lobs, all that. You have played her now five times. Can you kind of break down her game a little bit, what makes her a tricky opponent?
PETRA MARTIC: I think she's the best mover on tour. Her legs, it's incredible, I think. Like, she reminds me of Halep with her style. Just a bit more spin than Halep. But other than that, really -- no free points, incredible touch, moving incredible.

If you attack her, like, half a second earlier than you should, she's gonna counter you and you're in trouble. To find that balance between being patient and attacking in the right moment, it's really hard. And to do it throughout two or three sets, it takes some special skill. I managed to do it four times. Fifth one it didn't go.

But, yeah, she played incredible, I think. She definitely deserves to be in the semifinals. Her whole season shows it, and today was just yet another match, yeah, that proved it.

Q. What do you think you'll remember most from this tournament?
PETRA MARTIC: Just the emotions that I felt yet again here. It's my favorite tournament, and it's not because it's incredibly organized or whatever. It's just the emotions that I feel when I come here.

It was my first tournament where I played so well. And this is, again, the best tournament probably of my career. Not probably, but for sure.

Yeah, I mean, I really hope I can go even further here.

Q. Have you had an opportunity to talk to Sandra yet after the match? If so, what were kind of the words or hugs or whatever exchanged?
PETRA MARTIC: She's proud of me. I mean, she's always proud of me, even when I feel like I'm the worst ever. She's just really there to support me and stay positive.

And, yeah, she said I played a great match and it was really great entertainment, and I think so too. It would have been even better if I won, I would enjoy it more, but it is what it is.

Yeah, she's really excited for the future and for the upcoming tournaments. She thinks I'm playing really good tennis. Right now that's really so far in my head. I can't picture playing another match just now (smiling). But I think I'm going to get there, too.

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