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June 8, 2019

Marketa Vondrousova

Paris, France

A. BARTY/M. Vondrousova

6-1, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How are you feeling after your first slam final?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: Of course I'm a little bit sad now, because I lost. But it was a great two weeks. I had my family here, so it's still amazing for me.

Q. What was it about Barty's game today that wouldn't let you play your game? Because we have seen you come from behind before.
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: I think she was just too good today. I think she plays amazing match. I didn't have too many chances today. Yeah, I think she just gave me a lesson today.

Q. Seemed like you didn't get a chance to play as many dropshots we see you do in other matches. Is that nerves being on the big-stage final or was it something in her game that prevented you from doing that?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: Yeah, it was also windy, so it was a bit different today. I think she didn't let me play my game today. I think she was just better at everything today.

Q. How were you feeling at the beginning? We know you hadn't ever played on that court and it's probably, like, the biggest court in the world.
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: I warm up there at least, and I think I was fine. I didn't really play nervous, but I think she was just too good for me today.

Q. I think many things have happened between semifinal and today's final. Maybe you have gotten a lot of messages or phone calls? Could you talk a little bit about what you have gone through these 24 hours?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: Yeah, I mean, a lot of people text me. I was all over Czech TV. It was kind of strange for me.

I don't know. I just -- I was in the final, so I think it's a big thing now. Yeah, I'm just enjoying myself.

Q. You have had an amazing run here at Roland Garros. Everyone has been impressed how you have played. What have been your happiest moments over the last two weeks? And what are you most proud of your achievements over this run?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: I think I'm proud of myself at everything, because I'm just 19 and I won six tough matches.

It was amazing two weeks for me, and I'm just really proud of myself that I was in the final here.

Q. How different is the game that Barty plays compared to most players you play on tour?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: Yeah, I mean, she hits some -- I don't know. She's playing too good. She's mixing things up. And she has a huge serve.

So it's all, like, very tough to play against. I didn't really feel good today because she didn't let me play my game, and it was really tough.

I don't know. I played my first Grand Slam final, so it's a good thing (smiling).

Q. Is there any particular moment during these two weeks that you'll remember the most?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: I don't know. I remember the match point with Martic, because it was really nervous and I really enjoyed that one. And also the semifinal, because I was 3-5 down both sets.

I was just really fighting every match, and I'm just proud of myself.

Q. If someone would have told you before the start of Roland Garros that you would be in the final, what would you have said to them at that time?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: That they are crazy (smiling). I mean, I can't really believe it still because it's really, like, it's a huge thing for me.

I think it's gonna change my life now. But I'm just trying not to think about this and just, yeah, just trying to focus on myself.

Q. Before this tournament maybe people didn't know as much about you as maybe they do now, but what do you think, for these two weeks in Paris, you showed people?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: I think fighting spirit and my dropshots (smiling).

No, I mean, it was an amazing two weeks for me, and I'm just really happy also with the day, even though I lost. But I had my mom and dad here watch me, so it was kind of nice to have them here.

Q. Also, speaking of dropshots, maybe you couldn't make many dropshots, as many as previous matches, so is that because you couldn't find an opportunity or you get nervous and that's why?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: Yeah, I think it was both. Because she didn't let me play my game and she served really well, so I didn't get many chances to play it.

It was also windy, so it was kind of difficult today.

Q. What do you think, now that you have made a Grand Slam final, you'll be in the top 20, things like that, how much does this change your expectations for this year compared to what they were five months ago?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: Yeah. I mean, it's gonna be strange, because I'm going to be seed at Grand Slams. I think -- I don't know. A lot of things is gonna change now, but I just can't wait to get back home and see what's gonna happen.

Q. Our attention now turns to the grass court season. We know you have only just stepped off the court, but tell us about your relationship with grass. Do you like playing on grass? What are your hopes and expectations as we head towards Wimbledon?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: I play just few tournaments. I don't know. But I played junior semifinal at Wimbledon, and then I lost both first round. I think we're gonna see how I'll play at grass.

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